7 Tips For Makeup Users
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7 Tips For Makeup Users

The world of makeup is always growing and so are the helpful hints to rocking your look.

7 Tips For Makeup Users

Throughout my teenage years, there’s something I’ve come to grow very fond of. Something simple yet complex, artistic, and part of my everyday life: makeup. Anyone who uses makeup often knows and remembers their struggles with their first attempts to use it. I started in 8th grade with eyeliner – but not just any eyeliner – olive green eyeliner. With only the occasional switch between a purple-toned amethyst pencil, it lasted for a while before I actually learned about mascara and eyeshadow. Even though I still haven’t completely perfected the winged eyeliner, I would definitely say I’ve improved since my colorful eyeliner days 7 years ago, there’s always more to learn. From what I’ve learned, I figured it would only be fair to share my knowledge since I always seem to get compliments on my eyebrows and requests to teach my friends how perfect the full face. So here’s a few tips about makeup for anyone, whether you have been perfecting the skill for years or wondering if baking means throwing your makeup into the oven.

1. Less is more.

Everyone says this – and it’s true. When you start using makeup for the first time, it’s best not to go all in with smoky eyes and dark lips. Stick to a maximum of three complimentary eyeshadows and a simple, thin line of eyeliner. I know for a fact my eyebrow makeup is quite thick for some people, but from my years of trying different brow techniques and products, I’ve found this is my favorite way to do it. I started light to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it, though. If you can perfect something simple, you are bound to excel in more bold looks.

2. Match your color.

This took me up until last year to actually get right. I still don’t completely know my foundation shade and Lord knows I get low-key emotional when my concealer is actually complimentary to my skin tone. Makeup stores such as Ulta and Sephora are known to help customers match their skin tone or other colors to products, but it’s honestly a great learning experience to use a darker or lighter color. I’ve had a fair share of orange faces, but to see my progress has only made me prideful.

3. Tissues over tape.

Trying to perfect the cat eye? Here’s something I learned as I started: use a folded up tissue held from the side of your nose to the pointed end of your eyebrow. Draw the line against it as you press it to your face; this allows you to get a straight, clean line with a nice point without taking off any face makeup from the sticky tape. Winged eyeliner also tends to stop just before or passed the crease of the eyelid – it all depends on your preference. Try a few different techniques for this meticulous art style and you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

4. Lighting changes everything.

If you’re sitting in a dimly lit room, you’re already doing it wrong. Makeup shades are affected by lighting, meaning if you only have one lamp on while you sit at your desk with bronzer, your face will end up looking completely drawn on. Blending is the most important part of makeup and if you can’t see how well you blended your eyeshadow crease, it won’t be too pretty. I’m almost positive the majority of time I spend on my makeup routine is spent on blending. Make sure you can see that cut cheekbone when you contour! Sitting by windows and having natural lighting is your best friend.

5. Be aware of expiration dates.

Makeup unfortunately doesn’t last forever. Knowing what you can keep for a couple years and what needs to be trashed each month is very important not just for the sake of freshness, but of healthiness. Germs congregate on makeup (mascara, especially) very easily. This is one reason you’re not technically supposed to share your eyeshadow palettes with your pals. Mascara has a lifespan of about a month to two months depending on how much you use it. This product hardens and gets crusty the fastest. In fact, anything liquid should be replaced frequently. Now, I will admit that I’ve had makeup I’ve kept for over a year and still use. This is all powder-style makeup, so it’s not as urgent. Sometimes it’s fun to keep products that are collector’s items or have a sentimental value to you. This is entirely up to you what you keep and what you throw away, so don’t feel like this is a huge deal.

6. Lipstick can make or break your look.

There’s so many different lip products now: matte, gloss, liquid, balm, stain – it’s hard to keep up with. Matching shades with your eyeshadows and/or eyeliner colors can be quite the task, but if you get it right, you will look perfectly put together. Nothing is better than a lip color that matches your style for the day. But don’t feel like you’re at a loss if you mess it up; lips are still the hardest part of makeup for me. I don’t know what colors work for me or whether I need lip liners or not. Applying the product takes an incredible amount of patience as well; I have the utmost respect for people who wear it every day. I usually just leave my lips bare unless there’s an outfit I know will match a color I have. And if you really want to wear a color, nude colors are your best friend.

7. Don’t give up on contouring!

It’s incredibly difficult – if makeup had levels set in place, this would classify as expert. I still haven’t gotten it down (even if you think I do it well, I still don’t think so.) The key is choosing the correct shades and using the right brushes. Contour tends to go just under the cheekbone, along the top of your forehead, down the sides of the bridge of your nose, and just under your jawline. The light color used to make contour pop tends to be placed around it (bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead, and above the cheekbone.) Blending is your best friend here, along with that first rule of less is more. Finding the right products and brushes for this is important if you want to perfect this look; otherwise, swipe some bronzer along the hollow of your cheekbone and you’ll get a softer, more tanned version that keeps it pretty basic.

Remember that makeup is meant to make you feel good about yourself and is all for the sake of fun. Never use it to impress anyone else; that’s not why women tend to wear it nowadays. This art is something I’ve grown fond of and practice every day. I’ve only ever seen improvement and you’re bound to, as well. Keep it up and I hope this article was useful for anyone who wanted to learn something new. I’m more than willing to do tutorials, so let me know if it’s something you want to see. Best of luck and keep expanding the creativity of makeup!

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