7 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Black Mirror

I am not really sure why this show hasn’t blown up yet but I predict it will very soon. Everyone I talk to raves about it. So, if you are looking for a new Netflix show, look no more. I recently finished the Original Netflix series Black Mirror. Let’s just say I was hooked and you will be too so I am preparing you for your next binge session. Black Mirror is a British science fiction television show that was first aired in 2011. Each episode has a different storyline with a new set of characters. Each episode takes place in either an alternative present or the future. Each episode deals with the consequences of new technologies. Here is a glimpse of the show:

7 things to know before you start:

1. Skip the first episode. Let’s just say it has do with a pig in a very unpleasant way so just do yourself a favor and skip the first episode. Since the episodes do not relate to one another it is ok to skip. After seeing the first episode I was extremely weirded and grossed out and almost didn’t continue. However, if you do watch the first episode, don’t give up. For some reason this is the only repulsive episode, so just keep going.

2. You’ll be confused, just keep watching. The episodes tend to get very confusing. Since each episode, you are reintroduced to has a new setting, new characters and new technologies...it can get a bit confusing. One again don’t give up. Once you get to the end it will all make sense. For some episodes with the huge plot twists, its best if you are confused because it makes the ending just that much more dramatic.

3. It’s weird but very cool. The best word to describe this show is weird. People compared the show to The Twilight Zone. Yes, it can be weird and creepy but it’s interesting and cool, very very cool. The series shows technologies from the future like cars that drive itself and little recording devises planted into your brain where you can replay memories, almost as if you were watching TV of your own life. Some of the episodes also show what society will be like in the future and its scary because this is what may actually happen in the future. Although I do understand that the show is not for everybody but if you’re into these types of shows, you will be obsessed.

4. You can finish it in a day. The first season has three episodes, the second has four and the third has six. Each episode is around an hour long. Since the seasons are so short, you can finish this show in a day. Pick a lazy day where all you want to do is lay in bed and you can 100% finish it. Once you get into it, you won’t want to stop. Yes, I stayed up till 4am one night because I couldn’t get myself to turn it off.

5. Pay attention to the deeper meanings. Since each episode has to do with the consequences of new technologies, they all have a deeper meaning to them. The episodes deal with obsessions of social media and how we judge each other as well as murder cases and how criminals should be punished. It shows people physically being able to block each other from their lives with the use of technology. The series shows how technology can be good and bad. Some of the underlying meanings in the show are scary true.

6. Be prepared for your mind to be blown. Most episodes have a huge plot twist that will make your jaw drop. After figuring this out, I spent every episode trying to figure out the huge twists and I could never figure it out. It is that mind blowing and so unpredictable. This is what makes the show so hard to turn off because you just want to know what happens at the end.

7. Don’t worry…. new seasons. Now that you did absolutely nothing for 130 hours but binge watch the @#$% out of the show you will be dying to see more. Don’t you worry there are more seasons to come. The fourth season will also have six episodes. The writers seem to have big plans for the upcoming seasons so keep your eyes peeled for a release date.

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