As a young professional so close to graduating after four years of strenuous hard work, nothing is more annoying and frustrating than having people question or degrade the degree you have put so many countless tears, sweat, and blood into obtaining.

Nobody knows this more than those studying Communications.

So much we have to offer the world, yet, so few people truly understand and appreciate the work we do as communications professionals. While there are so many statements out there, every Communications major is tired of hearing, but here are seven at the top of the list.

1. "You're so lucky you get to do more group projects than actual tests."

Yeah, um no. Tell me, have you ever tried getting four people to agree on one idea let alone each member designing their piece of the project directly in correlation to the other three in order to keep consistency? Oh, and you have to meet about five times a week outside of class to get it all finished. It can be exhausting.

2. "I bet your tests are so easy."

I mean if you call memorizing a new form of writing and remembering which papers are APA style and which are AP easy, then sure.

3. "Hey, can you edit my paper?"

Remember when I mentioned the APA and AP style differences? I can definitely edit your paper... but you may be getting a lot of "Dr." titles crossed off, the "where is your attribution" statements, and A LOT of erased "thats." Not to mention we write to tell the story or get to the point so if you have a page minimum and you fluffed to meet said minimum, you probably do not want me editing your paper.

4. "What was your first degree choice?"

This actually. Shocking I know.

5. "Communications isn't even that important. What can you even do?"

You're right, what communications major has ever actually been successful?

6. "Oh, you're a Comm major? So you can present our project, right?"

I hate public speaking just as much as you, buddy.

7. "You have a social media class? Maybe I should take it to boost my GPA."

Sure, OK. We will see how well you do trying to design posts to increase your company analytics while informing the public of your company's three-day event in 140 characters or less.