It's okay to miss your new home, better known as your college campus. After my first year in college, I couldn't wait to be home for the summer, see all my high school friends, and finally earn some money after a year-long drought. The second I got home, I missed my school. I missed every last quality East Lansing offered- from it's 3 mile walks to it's cringe-worthy dorm food. Just like that, I realized my school was my home away from home. In the blink of an eye my first year was over and I wanted it back.

Feeling nostalgic of the recent past is how I always feel. I see a moment slipping by, longing to continue it or somehow capture just how I was feeling. I did this a lot in college. I have major anxiety over not appreciating the great moments in life before they are over and all you have are the memories.

I feel off, unsteady- in a cycle that isn't mine. I yearn for late study nights, walks in desperate cold, and movie nights with my roommate. Who would think I would miss studying? Taking exams? Rushing to an 8 a.m? But in all honesty, you can't understand the feeling until you're in it. Being at school came with a schedule that made me feel motivated, productive, and always moving. I was constantly having assignment after assignment to do, and at the time I hated it. All I can think about is how these are the building blocks to furthering my education, taking classes I enjoy, and finding a career I can excel in. My school isn't only my home, but it's my future.

These may be unorganized thoughts, but college can become this messy. Procrastination is one of my specialties. I excel at finding more and more ways to postpone the only real important tasks I have to get done. But this year has taught me how to manage my time. I found ways to use my time efficiently, focusing on what mattered most (the night ALWAYS ended with 6 episodes of The Office).

There's no right way to do college, and I definitely could have made better decisions. But, I made it, didn't I? I may miss my school and everything that came with it, but soon I'll be back and complaining about all the things I claim to miss now.