7 Things To Do Over Winter Break

Well folks, we survived another semester of college. The hellish finals weeks is finally over with, and now winter break is here. Depending on your school, you now have 4-6 weeks to enjoy your winter break! Now, what do we do with all of this down time? If you’re anything like me, you spend the first week catching up on sleep, snuggling with your pets, eating good food, and watching A LOT of Netflix. In an effort not to waste my entire winter break being a sloth, I came up with a “Winter Break To-Do List”.

1)Try a new Starbucks drink.

I’m a Starbucks fanatic, but like most people, I end up ordering the same thing time after time. I’d like to branch out and try some new drinks, like the Gingerbread Latte or even just a Cappuccino.

2)Go ice-skating.

What’s winter break without ice-skating? I haven’t been in a few years, but back in middle school I used to be quite the little ice dancer. I’d love to see if I still have my skills, or if I’ll immediately fall flat on my butt. Probably the latter.

3)Have a scary movie night!

I LOVE a good scary movie, and I’m always trying to find a movie that actually scares me. I really love the classic Scream movies (I’m a little obsessed), because there’s something so thrilling about them. Tell me what scary movie I should watch next in the comments below!

4)Bake treats for work.

Back in high school I used to love to bake treats for my friends and family, but now that I’m in college I never have the time. I have some of the sweetest co-workers, so I’d love to bake cupcakes to take to work. I’m thinking maybe a vanilla cupcake with peanut butter filling and chocolate icing?

5)Surprise ___________ with their favorite drink.

My sister surprised me a while back with my favorite coffee while I was in the middle of a long work shift, and it completely made my day! I love this, because it’s so easy to do, and is such a sweet gesture. Surprise your sibling, parent, best friend, or significant other!

6)Have a hiking adventure.

It’s no secret that I’m a fitness fanatic, and one of my favorite workouts is a long hike. I love taking a few friends and my dog, and hitting up the trails. Make it an adventure- hike up to a local lake at sunrise and bring coffee and doughnuts! Bring a camera and have a photoshoot. If you’re somewhere with warmer weather, you could even pack a picnic!

7)Organize my life.

In the midst of crazy college life, a lot of stuff gets put on the back burner. I plan to do a good deep cleaning and organizing of everything in my life. I’m talking closet, desk, backpack, jewelry, makeup, books- it’s all getting sorted, dusted, washed, or wiped down with Clorox.

What are YOUR plans for winter break?

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