7 Things All SJSU Students Know Too Well
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7 Things All SJSU Students Know Too Well

If you go to SJSU, chances are that you have experienced some of these things.

7 Things All SJSU Students Know Too Well
Leah Perrino

San Jose State University, right in the middle of downtown San Jose, CA. If you go to SJSU, chances are that you have experienced some of these things.

1. Hobags

House of Bagels is the actual name of this tiny shop, but everyone in San Jose calls it hobags. If you haven't tried the double dutch mocha or a pesto bagel, you are seriously missing out. And if you go there enough, like some of my friends, the ladies will start to memorize your order and have it ready when you walk in.

2. Construction

Just when you think they are finally done redoing that random sidewalk or that the fences will be taken down so you can actually walk to class, there's more caution tape and more fences being put up on the opposite side of campus. Another fun thing about the construction is that it usually starts at about six in the morning, which is super fun when you live in the dorms and a brand-new dorm is being built right next to you.

3. Parking

Parking on campus is all fun and games until you are driving around in the garages for 40 minutes and then decide to go back home and walk your butt to campus because there are no parking spots. Getting a parking ticket near campus is honestly like a right of passage to live in San Jose. I have never been to a place where tickets are given out so liberally. And trying to figure out what time you can park on which street for street sweeping every month is the death of everyone with a car here in the city.

4. Expensive rent

Living in the Bay Area might seem fun until you realize you have to pay damn near $1,000 for a pretty small room, along with water, gas and wifi. Better start saving your money if you want to go to SJSU.

5. Sports teams

No offense to our football team here, but they won 2 games out 10 this past season. It's no wonder people only show up to the games to tailgate and then leave after the first quarter.

6. Overcrowded dorms

This year at SJSU they did something really great, which was to admit an extra 1,000 freshmen. So what does that mean? Clearly not enough dorm rooms. Some people have three to a room where there is only supposed to be two, and some people actually had to be moved to off campus housing.

7. Impacted classes

If you think you're getting out in four years, think again. Trying to get all the classes you need is a nightmare and people end up scrambling for add codes on the first day of classes, praying that the professor will allow them in the class.

SJSU honestly is a really great school, and I am so glad that I made the decision to come here. There are definitely some weird things that happen when you live in the middle of a city, but I wouldn’t trade the memories and friends I have made at this school for the world.

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