7 Things I Learned My First Week at University

My first week at a university college has been completed and wow! Compared to week one at a community college I have to say that there are some different things between the two. Not to mention there were some other lessons I learned this week not only about myself but also school.

1.I'm chugging iced coffee more than I ever thought I would.

2.It has increased my road rage

Guys, why can't we park in a nice and orderly fashion this isn't The Hunger Games.


4. I've already done this upon returning home

5.Apparently we are ok with Wikipedia now?

Somehow the evil and forbidden website I was told never to use is now a source of information I have to read from for a couple of my classes.

6.I'm always dehydrated

7.I'm ready for the time of my life.

Sure there have been some ups and downs but I think things can only get better!

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