7 Themed Décor Ideas For Your Home
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7 Themed Décor Ideas For Your Home

Décor Ideas

7 Themed Décor Ideas For Your Home

Once you learn how to hang plates on a wall, you'll become addicted to making vibrant, 3D displays that art rarely achieves.

Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors designed this room, but contemporary interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch states, "The choosing of art is a deeply personal and frequently expensive process. A plate wall is a terrific solution and is easier to do than you might think if you're searching for a more affordable and novel method to fill a blank space in a room.


One of the simplest home decorating concepts you may use is coffee table styling. The key? Avoid covering a surface with too much. Even the most formal living rooms, like this stunning room designed, must serve a purpose. This entails giving any coffee table styling impact while yet allowing plenty of room for you to place everything on the table top that you require.


A designer suggests that indoor plants have never been more affordable. "You can pick up a complete jungle of greenery that can instantly bring life to a drab area," he says. If this isn't your thing, just treat yourself to some seasonal fresh flowers in a nice vase or jug. "Pot up all sorts of vessels with bulbs."

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Dried flower bouquet is a fabulous fall table decor idea which can be used time and again.

Cut each bloom to a length of 10 cm, then use florist wire to secure clusters of the same flower together. Pick up some eucalyptus stems and wire them into a length of garland. Push a group of flowers into the garland starting at one end and fasten with florist wire. Build up flower arrangements gradually while blending for fullness.

Finish off by hiding the wire with three groups of flowers pushed in the other direction.


Every season has a wreath, but hanging one on your door does more than just indicate a change in the weather; it also demonstrates how well-kept and loved your property is and gives you a hint as to what's within the house. Additionally, it's one of the simplest house decoration ideas you may use.


Although you might not apply every component of interior design to your exterior, there are some elements that can work exceptionally well. Outdoor living room ideas and outdoor dining ideas should not be an exception to home decor standards.

The first is the colour of your borders, such as walls or fences: paint them a dark colour to make them appear to visually recede while also creating a lovely background for plants. Of course, there is no reason why elegantly designed shelves cannot be used to decorate walls as well.


Decorating with dried flowers is a lovely way to bring the beauty of nature into your home all year round. You can leave them in a vase, leave them hanging, turn them into potpourri or create a wreath. Try out some of these creative ways you may use and adorn your home with dried flowers arrangements. They can be put together by anyone and are attractive enough to be admired by anyone.

If you're keen on decorating with dried flowers there are blooms you can buy ready dried flower bouquet from Shop East Olivia.

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