6 Stages Of The Week Before Spring Break

6 Stages Of The Week Before Spring Break

It's never too early to start packing.

Let's face it: the week before spring break, time seems to move slower than ever. Time in class is spent shopping for cute clothes online and daydreaming about the beach. With this, here are the 6 stages of the week before spring break.

1. Sunday -- The countdown is on: one week of classes before freedom.

The excitement is unreal.

2. Monday -- Is it Friday yet?

3. Tuesday -- Packing to keep ourselves busy.

It's never too early to start packing.

4. Wednesday -- We're waiting Wednesday

5. Thursday -- So close... yet so far.

One. More. Day.

6. Friday -- Friyay & freedom!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The Ultimate Must-Haves In Order To Crush Spring Break

It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Second semester of college always feels way longer than first semester. And although there is no exact answer as to why we feel this way, there are some reasons that can be assumed.

Let’s begin with the number of fricking holidays first semester is blessed with. We don’t have nearly as many exciting holidays second semester as we do first. Seriously, first semester is gifted with Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. (*Cue Andy Williams.)

However, there is one good thing about second semester. And that is SPRING BREAK. You have never experienced true butterflies, until you are on a one-week countdown to Spring Break, especially when you have an exciting destination planned.

But, along with a vacation comes a packing list. And we all know just how stressful packing can be. However, don’t let this year’s list bite you in the butt. Instead, get ahead while you can and add some of these items to your list.

I promise you won’t regret packing these items.

1. Reliable sunglasses

I personally would recommend Ray-Ban, however, I understand how pricey their glasses are. So if you are looking for a more affordable option, I would recommend Target.

2. Chic one-piece swimsuit

3. Levi's shorts

Although an expensive brand, their quality will last a lifetime. And besides, all you need is one pair!

4. Beach-y sunhat

5. Cheap poolside sandals

On my most recent trip to Target, I saw these plastic, knock-off Birkenstocks. Something like that would be perfect when sunning by the pool.

6. Lightweight beach bag

7. Insulated water bottle

This is where a Yeti tumbler comes in handy. You can literally lay in the sun for 4 hours and still have ice in your water. I highly recommend!

8. Black bikini

Black is so slimming and is always a good go-to. You can never go wrong with a black bikini.

9.White bikini

Got to have both!

10. Shady baseball cap

11. DOWNLOADED playlist

There have been trips where I forgot to download my music and either had to rely on wifi, which is so slow on a resort, or a lot of data.

DO NOT forget to download your playlist.

12. Flow-y dress

13. Ear buds

14. Scrunchies,scrunchies, and scrunchies

The worst thing is being hot AND not being able to put your hair up.

15. Good books

16. Lightweight button up

This is perfect for days spent out on a boat because they keep you from frying and also allow air-flow.

17. Birkenstocks

These are the perfect traveling shoes because they are easy to take off when going through security, yet still comfortable!

18. Cute tumbler

19. Waterproof case

This will save your life.

20. Cute yet crazy fanny pack

What better (or cuter) way to keep your belongings close by?

Cover Image Credit: Bayley Cook

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The 6 Stages Of Planning A Spring Break Vacation

It's that time again!

For anyone who has ever planned a vacation, you can agree it can be stressful, exciting, frustrating, exhilarating or a combination of all these feelings.

Sometimes people's schedules don't match up and other times nobody can agree on the destination. We all have that friend or family member who wants to road trip and that other person who absolutely needs to fly because they get carsick. But other times it's one of the easiest things: everyone wants to go to the same place and everyone is free the same week.

While planning a trip can be stressful, it's all worth it in the end. By the time your trip is over, you'll be wishing you could go back and do it all over again.

Down below you'll find the only steps you need to plan your dream SB trip! Have a great spring break, my fellow vacationers!

1. Confirming that everyone's spring breaks line up

Whether you're planning a trip with friends from other schools or with your family back home, the first stage is to make sure everyone has the same spring break. This crucial stage could make or break your trip.

2. Picking a destination

This is easily the hardest decision. Someone wants to go somewhere new, someone else wants to hit up the beach, someone else wants to hit up somewhere random like Seattle (what's in Seattle? Can someone please inform me?). My family solves this dilemma by playing it safe and picking a destination we all know and love: Walt Disney World.

3. Deciding if you want to fly or drive

Depending on the destination chosen, flying may be your only option but there's always someone in the group who wants to road trip. Since spring break is only about a week long, I always choose flying so I can spend the maximum amount of time at our chosen destination.

4. Finding the cheapest plane tickets/road trip route

The most time-consuming stage by far. Constantly comparing prices will make your head spin but will be well worth it in the end when you save some moolah that you can then spend during your vacay.

5. Building the itinerary

Arguably the most fun stage of planning your SB trip! Everyone RSVP'd, the destination is picked, the means of getting there is all planned out and next, you have to figure out what to do. Building the itinerary includes doing your research and deciding what you're going to do in this vacation getaway destination, booking hotels/housing accommodations, scheduling a rental car and making restaurant reservations or deciding to just wing it all!

6. The countdown begins

Two months... one month... two weeks... three days... vacation time! During the countdown stage is when you complete all the essentials: shop for new clothes and shoes, get a mani/pedi right beforehand and hope it lasts the entirety of the trip, buy a bunch of travel-sized items you probably won't even use and pack your bags! The countdown is one of the best stages because the anticipation carries you right through class, midterms and work. There is nothing better than the anticipation and having a vacation to look forward to!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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