7 Stages Of Spring Semester As Told By The Office
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Student Life

7 Stages Of Spring Semester As Told By The Office

"Oh my God it's happening! Everybody stay calm" -Michael Scott

7 Stages Of Spring Semester As Told By The Office

A new semester has finally begun. You're ready for new classes, new opportunities, and a fresh start. You're both excited and probably a little nervous about what is in store for you.

While we all experience the semester differently, there are many moments we can all relate to as students.

These are the 7 stages of spring semester you will definitely experience.

1. Syllabus week

You're back from winter break and it's syllabus week. During this time, classes are easy, you're feeling relaxed and you don't really have a care in the world.

You go out on a Tuesday night because you have nothing better to do. College is finally fun again and you take advantage of this time.

2. Coming up with a plan for the semester

While you're having fun and enjoying an easy workload during syllabus week, you also understand the fact that you need to come up with a plan for the new semester. You tell yourself that you're not going to fall into the same trap of procrastination and disorganization.

So maybe you start using a planner to track all your assignments, or maybe you decide you're finally gonna utilize office hours and do your homework in advance. You convince yourself that you're gonna finally be more productive this semester.

However, if you're anything like me, you find yourself stuck in your old habits by the third week of the semester.

3. The first round of midterms hits

Everything has been a breeze up until this point. You've had a few assignments here and there and you've been studying for your first midterm.

However, when you go to take said midterm, you realize you're not actually as prepared as you thought you were. You then realize that you're in for a wild ride this semester.

4. Trying to keep up in all your classes

Once you take your first midterm, all your work seems to be non-stop until the end of the semester. All of a sudden you have 2 exams, 5 quizzes and 3 essays due in 2 days.

You're starting to remember why you got so burnt out last semester and counted down the minutes until winter break.

5. Spring break is the only thing on your mind 

Once March hits, spring break is your only motivation. You count down the days until spring break and you're not even going to start thinking about everything you need to do after the break.

You probably tell yourself that you'll get work done over spring break to get ahead in your classes. Let's be honest though, who actually does homework over spring break?

6. Spending every waking moment studying for finals

Ah, finals season, the most dreaded point during every semester. This is where the real grind begins. Everything you've faced up until this point cannot compare to what's coming.

You spend nearly all your time at the library and you try to re-learn everything you didn't understand throughout the semester.

7. The long-awaited summer break rolls around

The moment you've waited for finally arrives. You've completed your last final or turned in your last paper; it's finally summer!

You're ready for warm weather, long nights and no classes (unless you take classes over the summer).

You finally made it through and you walk away feeling relieved, but get ready to repeat the cycle again next semester!

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