7 Stages Of Midterms, As Told By 'The Big Bang Theory'

7 Stages Of Midterms, As Told By 'The Big Bang Theory'

Only one thing is standing between you and the beach.


Spring Beak is approaching quickly, but definitely not quickly enough. Most of us still have midterms to suffer through first. If you're already feeling bogged down by all the exams, papers, and projects you have to finish this week, take a break and read through these relatable stages of midterms week, as told by the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

1. Self-Confidence

You've been attending classes and doing the homework. You know you've got this in the bag.

2. Motivation

You crack open your books and do some serious studying... for about fifteen minutes.

3. Distraction

You decide to check your phone really quick. Next thing you know, you've wasted an hour sending snaps to your friends.

4. Helplessness

You open your book again and realize you don't know nearly as much as you thought you did.

5. Anger

You begin to feel resentful towards your exams and even your professors, but mostly yourself.

6. Defeat

You succumb to your fate, telling yourself one bad grade isn't the end of the world.

7. Relief

You finally make it to Friday and all of your worries are behind you. Except maybe which bathing suit you're going to bring to Florida with you.

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