7 Songs by The Wonder Years to Help You Cope With Life
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7 Songs by The Wonder Years to Help You Cope With Life

Life can be rough, but pop punk/emo juggernauts The Wonder Years have some songs that can help.

7 Songs by The Wonder Years to Help You Cope With Life
Tyler Royer

One of my favorite bands, The Wonder Years, is a rock group from the Philadelphia suburbs. Frontman and lyricist Dan "Soupy" Campbell strives to create songs that listeners can relate to with practical lyrics. Below is a list of songs by The Wonder Years with a lyrical message that can help someone who is going through a rough time, tackling topics such as depression, anxiety, growing up,and coming to terms with various situations.

1. Local Man Ruins Everything

"It's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win”

This fast-paced pop punk jam tackles depression, anxiety, and feeling alone. Soupy levels with the listener throughout the song; it’s okay to have these dark feelings, but you can’t let them get the best of you. You can’t spend life faking positivity, you just need to keep your head above water.

2. Passing Through a Screen Door

“While my cousins go to bed with their wives, I’m feeling like I’ve fallen behind”

To anyone who’s ever had an existential crisis or just feels lost in life, this one is for you. Questioning decisions you’ve made and coming to terms with the consequences and responsibilities of them is a part of adulthood.

3. I Don't Like Who I Was Then

“I was bitter I was careless I was 19 and afraid”

Coming to terms with decisions made, we segue towards reflection. As we age we look back on our youth, often with regret over things we’ve done or should have done. This song, one of The Wonder Years’ most recent efforts, reflects on one’s youthful naivety and the mistakes he or she has made.

4. There, There

“I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times”

Social anxiety can be crippling. It will prevent you from doing so many things you wish you could’ve done. You feel out of place, awkward and nervous. Just know you’re not alone in these feelings.

5. I Won't Say the Lord's Prayer

“And I refuse to spend life on my knees”

I view this song not as an anti-religious anthem, but as more of a message to think freely for yourself. As the song progresses Soupy shares his concerns and problems with organized religion, blindly obeying without thought, and what is motivating modern Christianity.

6. I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral

“We all want to be great men, and there's nothing romantic about it.

I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given”

Closing out The Greatest Generation is ‘I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral,’ a song that incorporates elements from all previous songs on the album. With the overarching themes of overcoming depression and anxiety, this song cries out with Soupy wanting to realize, and achieve, his potential.

7. Hoodie Weather

“As f**ked as this place got, it made me, me.

This town has got lies to tell, I’ll wait around and hear you out”

This one goes out to anyone that has a love-hate relationship with their hometown. It may be run down, there may be problems with drugs, but it's the only place you’ve called home. It is far from perfect but it was pivotal in making you who you are.

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