Summer is officially in full swing, which means it's time to kick back, relax, and blast some perfect summer songs. Below is a list of seven essential, and not well-known, songs that are perfect for any summer. The songs are upbeat and can melt into wild moments dancing around with friends, cruising in the car, or a day out on the beach or by the lake.

So throw on your shades because you're about to be hit with seven songs that are too cool (or too hot) for this summer.

1. SteLouse - "Been Too Long"

This song is meant for the beach with a couple of friends or a significant other, just enjoying one another's company and soaking up the sun with a beer in your hand. I also recommend cruising down some fun and windy roads to this with a friend or two. The carefree beat of the song fits any summer vibe perfectly, as you'll lose yourself to a sense of nostalgia while living in the present moment (just listen and you'll see what I mean).

2. Alesso - "Falling"

Not only is this song so good that it will leave you dancing as amazing as the characters in the music video, it's perfect for a summer night party. The beat and lyrics are contagious, and you're going to catch yourself dancing and feeling yourself before you even know it (I mean, ladies, if you don't feel like you're the ish when you listen to it, then what is life?). This song is without a doubt meant for parties and fun memories, and there's something about it that screams that it's meant for wild nights under the summer sky.

3. ZHU - "Cocaine Model"

Okay, you know this is about to be an upbeat and catchy song if the artist's name is in all caps, you aren't sure how to pronounce it, and the title mentions some type of drug. The beat of this song is perfect for a day/night on the beach, lounging by the pool under a clear sky, cruising down back roads (bonus if they're along the beach), or dancing at a party (or even alone in your room). The song is infectious with good vibes.

4. Scooter Island - "Breezy"

This song is literally about enjoying time in the summer, living carefree and happy. So, you're basically obligated to listen to this song. The beat itself is just as chill as the lyrics so that you can have an easy, breezy summer. Want a song to close your eyes by the pool and relax or wiggle your toes too because you feel so carefree? You've found it. Let go of any worries, turn on this song, and let the summer take you.

5. Niki & The Dove - "Coconut Kiss"

What doesn't say "summer" like coconuts? Especially when coconuts are referencing a delicious coconut cocktail by the ocean. This song will having you reaching for your own Coconut Kiss cocktail so you can sip it on the beach or by the pool with your shades on and worries gone. You'll probably find yourself nodding your head, mesmerized by the beat. It's also a great song to cruise to, windows down, volume up; I can testify.

6. Photay - "Reconstruct"

This is another fun cruiser, but it is also great for lounging by the beach at sunset and sipping a beer, taking in the great view and good vibes. Or take it to the lake and blast it on the boat under the sunshine and bouncy waves. Also great for a summer party with a bunch of friends, this song starts off chill, but about a minute in, the beat kicks up even more and leaves you dancing on your feet and not wanting the summer to end.

7. Tomas Barfod - "Pulsing"

Okay, I love this song so much, that I made my own music video to it (not posted, it's for my personal use only). This song is insanely upbeat and contagious to dance to. This is another song that's perfect for a wild summer party, and not even a minute in, you'll start feeling yourself to this song, too, because it's so sensual and perfect for showing off your moves (ladies, you'll know what I mean when you listen to it). It would also be great to cruise down some back roads to at night with a significant other or sneaking away from friends (with your significant other) at lake house or beach house and finding your own spot to get lost together.