While some people think that zodiac signs are completely bogus, I can't help but identify with my star sign's characteristics. Being a Pisces is truly an adventure. I'm constantly driven by my emotions, and it can often get the best of me at the most inconvenient times. Yet, I'm spiritual and creative so I feel sort of unique. Here are some signs that you may have been born February 19th—March 20th.

1. Tears. All the tears.


Pisces get so much s**t for being emotional. I'm not gonna lie, it comes from a very real place. If you're dating a pisces, be prepared for lots of crying. Whether it's because we "love you so much" that it's overwhelming, or if you've upset us with your "tone," just remember that it's normal. Crying releases endorphins that help relieve stress. I don't know about you, but I love the moment of clarity I get post-cry session.

2. You're basically psychic.


Our intuition is insane. Some think of it as having another sense— being open with spirituality and out-of-body experiences. Do you get deja vu on the regular? Do you predict things before they happen? Or dream of someone the night before they reach out to you? You're probably a pisces.

3. You mull over things.


"Are you suuuure you're not mad at me?"

4. You care so much for others that it HURTS.


When I see other people upset, it makes me upset. I swear we pisces feel things ten times harder than the average person. Sometimes you care so much about someone that it's physically hurts your heart to know that they're sad or if you can't be around them.

5. You're easily distracted.


Pisces have the attention span of a squirrel. Because we tend to be scatter brained, we often word vomit. All these ideas make so much sense in our heads but when trying to explain it to other people, our points go in all different directions a million miles a minute.

6. You love to swim


Being a water sign, pisces are supposed to be very free spirited and tend to go with the flow of their emotions. That being said, we get caught up in situations and are easily persuaded because we're so free spirited. Aside from that broad symbolism, pisces simply love water. The sign itself is two fish swimming head to tail, and pisces traditionally work their best in environments near the ocean.

7. You are a GREAT friend.


This is one that I take pride in. I love my friends like their family, and will put them before anything. Pisces are known for being loyal and empathetic, so we make good besties.