7 Signs You Are Ready For Spring Break As Told By Grey's Anatomy

While college is undoubtedly fun, we sometimes forget that we need to do work and study. The studying quickly becomes consuming during the weeks leading up to spring break, and before you know it, you simply cannot wait for a break. I think every college student will be able to identify with these seven signs it is time for a break.

1. You begin studying for your midterms and realize you know nothing

It is definitely time for a vacation after you lock yourself in the library, and teach yourself half a semester's worth of information.

2. The sound of your professor's voice physically brings you pain

You have sat through too many lectures, and simply need a break from the monotonous voice of your professor.

3. The stress eating is starting to get out of hands

Let's be real; ordering insomnia for yourself at 2 AM may not have been the best choice.

4. You can't keep track of your life anymore

Studying has taken over your life that it is hard to remember the last time you took care of yourself.

5. You're so overtired that hibernation seems like a viable option

The thought of sleep brings actual tears to your eyes since you probably haven't slept in 3 days.

6. You have 4 midterms in one day and can't think straight anymore

You need this day to be over before it ever even started.

7. Your body has officially gone into island time

Spring break has never been so necessary.

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