16 Things That Happen When You Start Watching 'Grey's Anatomy'

1. You start washing your hands a lot more thoroughly than you used to.

2. You fully expect to see Shepherd walk through the door when you're at the doctor's office.

3. You also expect all of your doctor's to be incredibly attractive now, and are more than irritated when they aren't.

4. You begin to diagnose yourself.

5. You then move on to diagnosing others.

6. You think pushing one of epi is the answer to any medical problem.

7. You refer to, staying in bed watching Grey's, as going to the OR.

8. If you're a medical major, you justify spending your time watching Grey's as a part of studying.

9. You start referring to your best friend as your person.

10. You pick up some coping techniques.

11. You start worrying that catastrophic events are going to happen to you.

12. You also start worrying that everyone you're close to is going to die from said events.

13. You lay in bed at night wondering why Shonda Rhimes is so heartless.

14. You're pretty sure you could perform an appi with your eyes closed.

15. Blood doesn't freak you out anymore.

16. Children are now called "tiny humans."

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