Whatever your reason for getting a bunny, you have become madly in love with your little friend. You might spend too much time on the floor, have a room dedicated to your bun, or just take a lot of photos. But there are some things you can't deny when you have a bunny.

1. You are constantly covered with bunny fur.

Try as you might, you cannot rid yourself of lingering bunny fur. You might own three lint rollers, but the fur still clings to your clothing. Black sweatshirts become whatever color your bun is. It's so normal, now, you have simply come to accept it. You might even walk out without even trying to remove it.

2. You go to the store just to get items for your bunny.

It's bunny snack time and you look in the fridge. You are out of salad greens. You get your keys and head to the store, because you know you can't deprive your bun of their favorite time of day! But when you are out of ice cream, you shrug your shoulders and reach for something else. Priorities.

3. You have a YouTube history of "bunny flops" and "bunny yawns."

That time your bunny yawned or flopped around you for the first time made your heart melt so much you youtube other bunnies doing the same. You ask others if they have ever seen bunny yawns or flops and proceed to show them regardless of the answer. You might even lay on the floor trying to catch the illusive yawn on video (guilty as charged, here)!

4. You are constantly saving empty toilet paper rolls.

You bought all these nice toys from the pet store for your bun, but he/she only wants the cardboard from the toilet paper tube. You have toilet paper tubes all over your house because you never know when your bunny will want to chew on one!

5. You hide your cords and wires behind literally anything.

You learned after the first phone and laptop charger that chords are sacred and you have to protect them. You might have them behind a piece of furniture, fence, or pushed through plastic. Regardless of your method, you are constantly on the lookout for potential next victims of the chord murdering bun bun.

6. Your social media is frequently featuring your bun.

Whether it is Snapchat, Instagram stories or posts, Facebook, or Twitter, you frequently feature your bunny. It might be a cute video, a silly picture, or them doing something naughty, but your followers have begun to expect to see your bunny on your accounts.

7. You identify as a bunny parent.

You are known as the person who has the bunny. You take this as a compliment and proceed to tell them about your favorite boy or girl--maybe even showing them some recent pictures. Oh, well. There are much worse things to be known as than the bunny parent!