7 Reasons You Should Love Kanye Like Kanye Love Kanye

7 Reasons You Should Love Kanye Like Kanye Love Kanye

Yeezus walks.

Kanye West’s music accomplishments are undeniable.

Kanye is a hip hop artist, songwriter and producer. Winning 21 Grammy's, he is definitely among the most successful and acclaimed musicians of the 21st century. Whether you hate or love Yeezy’smusic, here are 10 reasons why you should love Kanye, like Kanye loves Kanye.

1. Rants for days

There is no hiding the fact that Kanye is a professional at speaking his mind, and anybody can respect that. He is often seen as arrogant or excessive with his words, but why? Kanye is always in the public eye, but he's never afraid to express himself and talk about what he loves. We should respect that.

2. 0 Chill

Whether it be fashion, music, or telling off Taylor Swift you can always count on Kanye to take a risk or two. He has changed the perception of a classic fashion show, and literally runs the world of fashion all because of the risks he takes, and no one will ever forget the Taylor/Kanye/Kim/the entire Kardashian family Beef of 2016.

3. YEEZY Season

Kanye has created an empire, anything he puts his name on is guaranteed to sell. His collaborations with Adidas basically brought the brand back on the map and Ye's shoes are still being sought after by millions of fans. The shoes are still currently selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars.

4. Unforgettable live performance

If you haven't seen Kanye perform live, do it. Seriously Kanye performs a life changing live performance and it is something you should definitely witness before you die.

5. Musical genius

Lie to yourself all you want, Kanye haters, but Kanye West is a musical genius. Take away all of the celebrity hype, all of the fame, all of the everything, and you’re still left with some of the best rap music to ever grace this planet.

6. Family man

Ye loves his family. Most people see him as just some ignorant guy but behind the scenes Kanye truly is a devoted father and husband. Ye is known for putting passion and ambition into every aspect of his life and its time that people start recognizing that.

7. Making an Impact

There are very few rappers out there who are as highly regarded in the music industry as Kanye, but there are absolutely none who are currently leaving their mark across the cultural board at the same level. If you’re looking at who’s got the attention of today’s youth and cultural trends, it’s tough to find just about anyone else near Kanye’s level.

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So much color!

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El Recoleta is a museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is devoted to presenting Argentinian culture in a fun and fresh manner. Technically called el Centro Cultural Recoleta, El Recoleta is an interactive museum where you can draw, explore, and share while also checking out amazing modern art exhibits.

The current theme for the exhibitions is "Amor de Verano", which focuses on bright colors and summery vibes in order to entice locals and tourists alike into the colorful space. Neon lights line the halls, and two plazas hold a fountain and a performance space, respectively, making a visit to the museum feel more like a summery walk in the park than a stuffy cultural site.

That is not to say that you won't be discovering new pieces of culture--in fact, El Recoleta is full of modern art exhibits that will provoke thought (and probably look pretty good on your camera roll, too). Special events at the museum include free admission days and DJs at night.

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5 Things You Should Know About Western Astrology

It's a little more complex than just your birthday.

When most people think of astrology, their minds jump to generalized magazine horoscopes and internet trends such as "The Signs As Different Dog Breeds," or "What Your Boyfriend's Sign Says About Your Relationship." However, western astrology delves so much deeper than that.

In order to fully comprehend this article, you first have to understand that astrology is the study of the movements and positioning of celestial objects as a way of inferring information about human affairs and events. In order to interpret these objects, we need to look at what astrological sign they fall into at the time you were born. In order to do that we use what's called a natal chart, which is essentially a map telling you where each object fell when you were born.

Now, let's get started.

1. Your sun sign isn't your only sign

Your sun sign is the sign you're probably already familiar with, in that it depends on what day of the month you were born. However, the sun isn't the only thing we consider when studying astrology; we also look at the moon and every other planet in the solar system. Therefore, you not only have a sun sign, but also a moon sign, a Mercury sign, Venus, Mars, etc.

2. Every planet represents a different part of yourself.

In Western astrology, the sun represents the Ego, your personal identity, your sense of purpose-- it's the person you choose to show to the rest of the world, the traits you're most proud of. But your ego isn't the only part of yourself that makes up your personality; each planet in your birth chart represents a different aspect of the entire person you are, and each sign that planet is in tells us how the planets express themselves.

For example, your moon sign has to do with your emotional side. I'm a Libra sun with a Capricorn moon; this means that as a Libra, I try my best to be friendly, sociable, and open-minded in most situations. However, because of my Capricorn moon, I can quickly turn into a rather serious and sometimes cold individual when it comes to expressing my emotions.

3. Some planets are more important to your chart than others.

The planets can be split into personal and generational. The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) orbit relatively quickly around the sun, meaning their signs change pretty often making them most important when putting together a person's personality. The generational planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) have a much slower orbit, meaning their signs stay stagnant for a lot longer, therefore, affecting a wider range of people.

4. There are also these things called houses..?

When looking at your natal chart, you'll notice that it's cut into 12 segments. These 12 parts are called "houses", and each house is associated with a different area of life. Every planet in your chart falls in a house, and so that planet's energy will focus on the themes of said house. Think of it this way: if the signs tell us howthe planets express themselves in your chart, the houses reveal where these energies play out. Each house is also associated with a sign, which helps when you're trying to remember what each house represents.

Let's take the 5th house for example. This house is ruled by Leo, the 5th sign of the zodiac, and so the 5th house represents that which is typically associated with Leo (drama, fun and play, creativity, children, self-expression, etc.) My sun sign falls in my 5th house, which means that the energy that fuels my ego/identity falls in the area of life ruled by Leo. As a result, the ways I choose to express myself creatively and is one of the main things that help me identify who I am.

5. Every chart starts somewhere.

Depending on what time of the day you were born, you'll have any one of the 12 signs beginning your chart-- this sign is your ascendant, or your rising sign. Because the rising sign is whatever sign rules your first house, which represents The Self, it shows the image you project to others, or the first impressions we tend to make. While your sun sign is the person you are, while your rising sign is the person you appear to be.

I'm a Libra, but my rising sign is Gemini. This means that even though I consider myself to be a typically charismatic person when I'm around new people I tend to seem more like a flighty Gemini. Although my Libra sun wants to strive to be poise, it's hard for me to keep from exhibiting the nervous energy brought on by my Gemini rising.

I wrote this article because I feel as though most people who write off astrology as a pseudoscience are people who don't really know too much about it-- that it's all about how everyone born in the same month is basically the same person. This is obviously far from the case, which is why everyone should read up on the subject before automatically dubbing themselves a skeptic. Unless your Mercury is in Capricorn, then really nothing will change your mind.

Cover Image Credit: Jordan Opel

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