7 Reasons To Date Your Best Friend And Nobody Else

7 Reasons To Date Your Best Friend And Nobody Else

Relationships aren't easy, but friendships are.

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I had extreme writers block after all the assignments I had this week, but I knew that the perfect inspiration was right in front of me.

My boyfriend.

If there is something about our relationship that I have never had with anyone else, it would be that I am dating my best friend. I decided to compile a list on why your significant other should also be your best friend.

1. You can fool around

Not everything has to be so serious. It isn't always about the norms of dating.

2. You are comfortable around one another

Some can argue that you two are too comfortable. Honestly, that doesn't matter. If one of you burps, the other one says "Nice, solid 7 out of 10."

3. Every time you hang out, it is like a date

You don't have to go out on a fancy date. You can hang out and do some homework together and that is enough. Study dates can be fun!

4. You can be yourself

You don't have to worry about what you say. You know that if you say that to anyone else it might not go well,, but there is no judgement with your best friend!

5. You can go to them for anything

You need advice, who do you go to? Probably your best friend, right? That is a huge benefit of dating your best friend. You can talk to them about anything.

6. They understand you

Okay, they may not 100% understand you, but they try. Think about it, when you are upset, who else will give you a hug and reassure you everything will be okay?

7. It is easy

Simply put, dating your best friend is easy. I get that relationships may be hard sometimes, but with your best friend it puts less pressure on the relationship. Dating your best friend is the best thing you can do.

-Thanks for being my best friend and boyfriend, Mike. You mean so much to me!-

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