7 Reasons My Wedding WILL Have An Open Bar, You're Welcome Friends

7 Reasons My Wedding WILL Have An Open Bar, You're Welcome Friends

Hangovers are temporary, memories are forever


You've waited your entire life for this day, marrying your best friend around the people that you love. It's a huge celebration! Of course you can have a good time without a few drinks, but if you are drinking it should be in the event of a wedding for obvious reasons;

To my single friends, this one's for you...

1. You don't have to bring shooters in your purse

2. Weddings put you in the ~feels~

3. Without booze, it will basically be a middle school dance- Girls on one side, boys on the other

4. Might I mention, my dance moves are better left forgotten... BOTTOMS UP

5. Liquid courage, I mean how else are you supposed to hit on those hot groomsmen if you don't have a couple sips of wine along with a kick of confidence?

6. Weddings are on the weekends, you have a timeframe to cure your hangover

7. Even if you choose not to drink, your chances of catching my bouquet are higher because everyone else will be ~visually impaired~ You're welcome.

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The 17 Best Unpopular Opinions From The Minds Of Millennials

Yes, dogs should be allowed in more places and kids in less.

There are those opinions that are almost fact because everyone agrees with them. Waking up early is horrible. Music is life. Sleep is wonderful. These are all facts of life.

But then there are those opinions that hardly anyone agrees with. These ones -- from Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit -- are those types of opinions that are better left unsaid. Some of these are funny. Some are thought-provoking. All of them are the 17 best unpopular opinions around.

1. My favorite pizza is Hawaiian pizza.

2. Binge watching television is not fun and actually difficult to do.

3. I love puns... Dad jokes FTW.

4. Milk in the cup first... THEN the bloody tea.

5. I wish dogs were allowed more places and kids were allowed fewer places.

6. "Space Jam" was a sh*t movie.

7. Saying "money cannot buy happiness" is just wrong.

8. People keep saying light is the most important thing in photographing. I honestly think the camera is more important.

9. Bacon is extremely overrated.

10. Literally, anything is better than going to the gym.

11. Alternative pets are for weird people.

12. Google doodles are annoying.

13. It is okay to not have an opinion on something.

14. It's weird when grown adults are obsessed with Disney.

15. This is how to eat a Kit Kat bar.

16. Mind your own business.

17. There is such a thing as an ugly baby.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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