7 Reasons Why Kev and V are the Best TV Couple
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7 Reasons Why Kev and V are the Best TV Couple

That's no spoiler, but there may be some ahead.

7 Reasons Why Kev and V are the Best TV Couple
Steve Howey

"Shameless" has been one of the most successful, long lasting series with it's uncontainable story lines and brazen characters. Individually, Kev and V are two of the most beloved characters, but together, they're the ultimate power couple. In fact, it's uncomfortable to realize that their actors actually aren't dating in real life.

Seamlessly, they shape our relationship goals and remind us how important love is. With so much toxic media we consume, it's a breath of fresh air to see these two happy and strong together despite the chaos that accompanies the show. Celebrating love, here are seven reasons why Kev and V are the best couple you can find onTV.

1. They slay expectations.

Well, they are one of the only television couples who've shared a polyamory relationship. Kev and V show that following social expectations isn't necessary. Even in the first season, they make this clear when we find out that they make porn. From there, the rest is history.

2. Nothing gets between them.

Not even V's mom, Carol, is conceiving with Kevin or Svetlana performing her "wifely duties" and digging her way in to their relationship. No matter the situation, they trust each other and find a way to make it work.

3. They're both hysterical.

You just wait for them to appear in scenes. Of course the Gallaghers keep you on your toes, but these two keep the ball rolling. Kev literally does this in his new career path.

4. Independence is key.

They support each other but are not utterly dependent on each other. Both have their own goals and ideals so their characters exist and function on their own spectrum. Neither needs the other to exist. Their companionship just makes everything so much better.

5. They call each other out!

Any functioning couple is going to disagree. No matter how heated they get, they'll never hold a grudge. Once their steam cools, they always find a way to compromise. Things that would have broken up others only makes them stronger and smarter.

6. They represent interracial couples.

It would be ideal for race to (actually) not be relevant, but the fact that they are an interracial pair is so essential in this day and age. TV neglects to represent the broad and incredibly diverse population that our country celebrates. Their portrayl is not only realistic, but refreshing.

7. No start or end.


Just always. They match each other so perfectly that it's like they've always existed together. Since episode one, their relationship has been flawless and it getting better.

Through thick and thin, this couple stands together. I don't know who your favorite "Shameless" couple is, but I am definitely for Kev and V all the way.

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