I sat down with my Pops today and asked him to tell me what he believed were the most valuable life lessons he's picked up over the years.

My dad and I don't often have deep conversations, so when we do, I make sure to take careful notes! I was surprised at how simple, yet, practical his advice was.

Thanks Dad! I love ya! Your wisdom is precious and valued to me.

7 Pieces of Advice from My Dad

1. Never get a credit card.

Your debt will enslave you, and trust me, it ain't fun.

2. Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

The aftermath of drugs and alcohol is not worth the way it makes you feel the next day. It also has a nasty way of invading your life and causing you to do things you regret, hindering you from being all that you can be.

3. Learn from other people's mistakes.

There will be moments where you will make your own mistakes, and that's okay! But, keep your eyes open. Watch the people around you. Look at the consequences of their actions. Then learn from it! Don't waste your time doing the same wrong actions only to produce the same bad results.

4. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

You will be a lot happier in life when you start thinking about other people first instead of just yourself. Remember - when you sow seeds of kindness and love, it will eventually come back to you.

5. Choose your friends wisely.

The friends you surround yourself with will most likely dictate the kind of person you will become. Don't fall for the lie that you are 'too good' to be influenced by others. Look at your friends and ask yourself if you look up to them for the right reasons. If you don't, it's time to make new friends. It may be a hard decision to make, but you will save yourself the heartache and the pain that comes with mixing around with the wrong crowd.

6. Most guys want to 'hit it and quit it.'

Take it from a guy. Don't fall for a guy too fast and give him everything he wants. He will most likely not appreciate you for the right reasons. Learn to draw boundaries and say no. Make them wait. You are valuable and precious, so hold yourself with dignity. Make sure men respect you. When they respect you, you will not lose out.

7. Never date a person who says that they will change for you because they most likely will not.

A leopard can't shed it's spots nor a tiger it's stripes. Basically, people are people, and while they may genuinely want to change for you, it will only take the hand of God to change them. People can't change on their own. So, don't fall in love with someone before you take note of all their habits, personality traits, and values - because more often than not, you will be stuck dealing with those habits, character traits, and values for a very long time.