7 Perfect Horror Movies To Watch This Month
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7 Perfect Horror Movies To Watch This Month

You know, instead of doing homework or studying.

7 Perfect Horror Movies To Watch This Month

October is the time of year where we can all be our true spooky selves, get down with a bucket of candy, and watch a butt load of horror movies. Some of us (mostly me) do this all year round, but there's just something about being immersed in everything scary for an entire month that makes it feel extra satisfying. Here is a list of movies I've found and treasured over the past couple years that I deem perfectly horrific:

1. The Babadook (2014)

"The Babadook" is something that never really leaves the back of your mind. A widowed mother and her eccentric son soon get tormented by a monster after finding a malevolent children's book in their home. This is the type of movie that will make you re-look at the horror genre for sure. On Rotten Tomatoes, it was given a whopping 98% that it truly deserves. I definitely wouldn't watch this alone though!

2. Last Shift (2014)

This is more of a traditional horror, but still has you jumping at every slight noise. This story follows a new cop on her first night working the last shift (wink wink) where it soon turns out to be a real-life nightmare. It'll leave chills down your spine, especially with the out-of-nowhere twist at the end.

3. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This movie seriously changed the game with horror movies. It has all the elements rolled into one, in the most unexpected way. A group of friends stay for a vacation in a cabin, where things seem to go very downhill very fast. It goes places you'll never think of guaranteed. If you haven't seen this gem yet, I highly recommend it. If you're going to watch one movie tonight, let it be this.

4. You're Next (2013)

Not only did this movie have a high level of badass-ery, it also had one of the biggest twists I think I've ever seen in a movie, (completely gasp worthy). A family dinner party takes a turn for the worst when a group of psychos in animal masks start to kill them off one by one. Everything about it is so unexpected and that's part of what makes it so good. It's a typical thriller with your occasional jump scares, but it's the story that will make you not regret watching it.

5. Mine Games (2014)

I don't know where to begin with this one. All I can say is that it completely f*cked my mind up. It has so many twists and turns, and not in the bad way. A group of friends make a trip to a cabin planning on meeting another couple of friends, who mysteriously never show up. Exploring through the forest finds them an old abandoned mine, with horrors inside that simply don't make any sense, but that's just the beginning of this wild ride. The story as a whole can be pretty confusing, and even after I've watched it I'm still confused on what actually happened, but it doesn't lessen how good it was.

6. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

With watching this, you don't need to see the first one. Both The Conjuring and its sequel are about two separate cases of The Warren family's demonic investigations. A young British girl starts to become possessed by a seemingly less than harmful spirit at first, but quickly leading to a much more sinister twist. I personally prefer this over the first one from how genuinely scary it is, it even had my boyfriend screaming!

7. Would You Rather (2013)

This isn't your typical horror movie, more like a crazy but entertaining thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A young woman taking care of her ill brother is in need of a great amount of money to pay for his treatments. She gets invited to a dinner party where she can get all the money she needs, but only by playing and winning a sick game of Would You Rather. It honestly ended up much better than I expected. It's a funny concept mixed with a sick twist, and the ending had me fall off my couch. Literally.

These are some of my favorite horror movies to recommend. I like to pass on the paranoia, along with the sleepless nights!

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