7 Defeated One-Liners College Girls Exchange In The Lib While 'Studying' For Midterms

7 Defeated One-Liners College Girls Exchange In The Lib While 'Studying' For Midterms

I'm sorry, the person you are trying to reach is busy having a mental breakdown.

Charli Head

Being in college, we all know how stressful studying is.

When it comes to exams and specifically midterms, I catch myself muttering the same things over and over.

Studying for midterms is the absolute worst; and if you're anything like me, you've probably said some of these one-liners while studying with your friends, too.

1. "When did we learn this?"

You don't remember anything you're studying and you can't figure out if it's because you didn't pay attention in class or because you haven't slept in 2 days.

2. "Let's drop out."

You often contemplate just dropping out of college, and you seriously consider the thought of actually doing it.

3. "I can't wait till it's over."

Because you know the moment you turn in your test there's no going back and that feeling of relief will be the best feeling you've felt in weeks.

4. "Are you hungry?"

I know the only thing I think of while studying is how much I could be drowning my sorrows in food.

5. "I can't focus."

Even things that aren't usually distracting are distracting you. It's like even the napkins sitting on the counter are more interesting than what you're studying.

6. "Let's get coffee."

The only thing getting you through sleepless nights is the coffee breaks you take during all hours, no matter what time it is.

7. "We're gonna fail."

You know the chances of you passing are slim to none, so you might as well just lay down and have your 5th mental breakdown of the week.

Since it is the middle of the semester, I'm sure you'll find yourself saying these things to your study buddies sometime soon. If you're reading this, good luck on your midterms; and remember, when in doubt, pick C.

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