7 Most Peaceful Places on the Benedictine College Campus
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7 Most Peaceful Places on the Benedictine College Campus

Because we all need to take some time to slow down and spend time with God.

7 Most Peaceful Places on the Benedictine College Campus

In our crazy hectic lives, with too much to do in a short amount of time, it seems like we don't stop to "smell the roses" as often as older generations did. We are bombarded with constant access to news, Facebook newsfeed stories, Pinterest notifications that someone saved our pin, among thousands of others. Do we ever take the time to stop, relax, and seek peace with God? Do we ever take some time to take a break in our day to spend with God or marvel at his creation?

St. Francis de Sales so wonderfully put it when he said, "Everyone of us needs half an hour of prayer each day, except when we are busy - then we need an hour." I could not agree with him more. This semester, I've made a commitment to spend at least a half hour in prayer/Adoration with our Lord, after trying it last year for part of Lent, as an increase in my prayer. I have seen tremendously how just a simple half hour can change my outlook on life, how stressed I am, and how at peace I am with myself, those around me, God, and the world in general. I've found that I also worry less and let God take care of all my problems. Jesse Romero said it best when he explained that there's scientific studies that have been done that say that after 15 minutes of prayer time, the front and sides of our brains (the good parts) release hormones that make us happier and less stressed and the back, the parts that make us stressed and angry, turn off.

These are the places I go to pray, spend time with God, reflect on his marvelous works, and overall find peace on the Benedictine College campus, in order. I hope you find a couple places wherever you are where you can do the same. Enjoy!

1. The Waterfall

They just built the waterfall going down from the Grotto to the quad over the summer. Just listening to the water falling brings me peace. Being able to look at something that man made, by the power and grace of God is amazing. He is the one who put the thought into someone's mind to build it, and now it's a peaceful place to sit and think.

2. The Guadalupe/St. Joseph's Chapels in the Abbey
I personally didn't discover St. Joseph's Chapel until late last year, but being able to pray to the Holy Family in either one of these chapels just brings peace to my soul. If there's no Mass or vespers going on in the main church, both of these chapels are quiet places that offer a great place to sit and talk with God with no distractions present. This is especially true in the St. Joseph's chapel, that is candle lit and only one light is on to show the mural in the back of Joseph teaching the child of Jesus the art of carpentry; but in the Guadalupe chapel, you can turn on as many lights as you want to create your own peaceful atmosphere to pray.

3. The Lookout

I know, this one is cliché, but sitting at the Lookout admiring the work God made in creating nature is a very peaceful experience for me. It allows me the opportunity to marvel and thank God for all the work He has done to create the world, which is also why I can see why a huge majority of couples get engaged at the Lookout.

4. The Second Lookout
Although not as popular or marvelous as the original Lookout, the second lookout, a little farther into Abbeyland is another beautiful place to marvel at all of creation and what God decided to make in this area. It is also peaceful because it's not as popular, so not as many people walk by there, when I do spend time there.

Now we get into my absolute favorites.
5. Mary's Grotto

What isn't peaceful about spending time with our Mother and the architectural beauty of the Grotto. I like to spend a few minutes as I'm walking to class there thanking Her for saying Yes to raising the son of God and the mother figure she is to all of us here on Earth. I also ask for her help, guidance, and intercession to our Lord to be more like her.

6. Perpetual Adoration in St. Benedict's Abbey
This is another little location, I just found this year, and don't know why I didn't find it earlier. Either way, I'm glad I found it now, because spending time with our Lord in Adoration in the little chapel in the back of St. Benedict's Parish offers me almost distraction-less time with God. The chapel is barely lit and small, and although there's usually a lot of people there in the evenings, I find that it isn't as much of a distraction as Adoration in the Memo chapel. I'm not saying that Adoration in the Parish is better, just for me, I find that I can focus more on talking with God here, than I can in Memo.

And last of all, my favorite:
7. The Fountain outside Guadalupe Hall
I don't know what it is about this fountain that makes it my favorite or mesmerizes me as much as it does, but it is my favorite location to just think, pray, ponder life, and thank God for all his creations. I especially like spending time there at night, or when it's getting dark out. It could be the shape or simplicity of the fountain, it could be the way it's lit at night, it could be the location, or it could be a combination, but either way, this is my favorite place on campus where I find peace and tranquility.

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