7 Things A Month Of College Has Taught Me

Although I've only been in college for a month, I've already learned a ton – maybe not in my classes but definitely about college life in general. Read along and maybe you'll relate!

1. Naps are your best friend.

Anytime I have free time between classes, you can probably catch me napping. With all the energy that homework, classwork, and a social life requires, NAPS are the way to keep up.

2. The Freshman 15 is REAL!

The wealth of food in the dining hall is literally insane... so it's no surprise that the freshman 15 is REAL!

3. A week is like a month and a month is like a year... in the best way possible!

College schedules are always packed whether you're at your 8 AM or whether you're at your nightly club meeting. Regardless, you're definitely doing more in a day than you've ever done back home.

4. Procrastination is REEAAAALLL!!

Unfortunately, procrastination gets the best of us... especially in college. It becomes so easy to procrastinate when there's literally something happening every night... whoops #sorrynotsorry.

5. School spirit is REAL!

Every street I turn, there's a sea of maize and blue and every football game I go to, the love out on the benches is simply immeasurable.

6. No one cares what you look like!

Dress up if you'd like but most people will just be sporting their latest sweats and a big hoodie. Let's be real... you're bound to see people at their worst times so why even bother?

7. The best memories made are the college memories.

As a freshman who's only been at college for a month, I've already made some of the best memories of my life here and I can't wait to see what's in store.

If this is only one month of college, then bring on the rest!

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