7 Lessons We Can All Learn From Meredith Grey
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7 Lessons We Can All Learn From Meredith Grey

Dance it out.

7 Lessons We Can All Learn From Meredith Grey
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Meredith Grey has been through so much, but she still keeps her head held high. These are 7 lessons that we can learn from Meredith.

1. Be Strong no matter what life brings your way.

Meredith was in a plane crash and watched her sister die. She also watched her husband bleed out from gun shot wound by a patient's lunatic husband. Her mom died literally, but let's be honest Meredith's mom was almost always dead to Meredith. Ellis constantly put her daughter down and told Meredith that she was not good enough or special enough. Meredith lived through the death of her husband and through Cristina's moving to another country. She always held her head up high and kept being the great doctor that she is. Mer teaches us that no matter what happens in life, we have to stay strong.

2. Everyone has a dark and twisty side; therefore, embrace it.

We all have those moments where we are not happy and bright. We all have days where we do not want to get out of bed and we do not want to face the world. The only difference? Meredith is dark and twisty more often than not, but she always embraces it. Meredith shows us that even in our roughest days, we need to embrace it.

3. There is more than one "person" out there for all of us.

Meredith's first person was Cristina Yang. They were so incredibly close and through all of their fights they always made up. However, Meredith received a huge heartbreak when Cristina was offered a position in Switzerland. After Cristina left, Meredith's person became Alex Karev. Even when friendships or relationships do not work out for us, we always need to remember that there is more than one person out there for all of us.

4. Work hard for what you want.

Meredith wanted Derek Sheppard more than anyone else. She worked incredibly hard to be with him even through his rough stages. Meredith continuously works hard to better her career and obviously for the best surgeries. Even when she has bad days, she works through them. Meredith never stops working towards what she wants and she never lets anyone get in the way of what she wants. Mer teaches us that if we want something, we need to work for it.

5. Dance it out.

Everyone is aware or Meredith's and Cristina's famous dances. Anytime that they are sad or upset or just need a laugh, they dance it out. Meredith made Pierce and Amelia dance it out when Pierce was upset about the death of her mother. Meredith teaches us that no matter what life brings our way the only right answer is to dance it out.

6.Be your own "person."

As I said before, we all have multiple people out there for us. It is possible that one of those people stares right back at us in the mirror. Meredith loses her husband. She loses the man that she has loved for so long, but she does not stop living. She breaks down for a little while, but she stands right back up. Meredith teaches us that even when life knocks you down and you feel like you have no one, be your own person.

7. Be vulnerable.

I think the most famous Meredith Grey quote is "Pick me. Choose me. Love me." How many people can actually go up to the person that they want to be with and tell them something vulnerable like that? It is extremely difficult, but Mer does it. She lays her cards out on the table and that is something to be admired. Mer teaches us that it is okay to be vulernable because sometimes you have to be.

Meredith is dark and twisty and not always the best person in the world, but throughout her life on the TV she has taught us a few valuable lessons.

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