The hashtag #leavein2016 is trending on Twitter, as we welcome in the new year. This bittersweet year, 2016, is over and here are a few things everyone would like to let go as we step into 2017.

1) Twerking

Since the Miley Cyrus twerk fail, this dance move has been practiced, however poorly or well, by millions of girls (and some guys, too) across the world. This move of shaking the derriere that was once entertaining is now becoming overkill. Let's come up with some new moves.

2) "Bae"

"Before anyone else" is the phrase that created this acronym "BAE." People now commonly use the term to refer to their s/o as a shortening of the word "babe" or "baby." However, "bae" has been thrown around so much that even pizza and other inanimate objects have earned the title of "bae." So, the word is now pretty much meaningless.

3) Competition

On my social media timelines this year, I have seen numerous posts talking about who is "winning." For example: "Dark skinned guys are winning." "Latina girls are winning." These seemingly subtle statements are something we should probably leave behind in the new year. We are all fabulous, ladies and gentlemen. We are ALL winning.

4) Snapchat filters

Let's admit it, snapchat filters come in pretty clutch on bad hair days or makeup fail days. However, ladies we really have been overdoing the flower filter and the dog filter. Let's say goodbye and hopefully snapchat will have some cool new filters for us to slay.

5) #relationshipgoals

Everywhere you turn, you see #relationshipgoals. This hashtag basically calls attention to things that people supposedly should have or should desire for their relationship. Except that people are different and relationships are different so everyone cannot have the same goals.

For those who are single, this is an annoying reminder and for those in a relationship, it's just plain annoying. Next.

6) Hobo chic

Yes, you read it right, hobo chic. This is the style of ripped and bleached Tees, jeans, and sweaters. Ripped jeans are still big in the fashion world but the ripped Tees, come on. And I really hope people aren't actually spending money on those things. Why pay to look like you were attacked by a bear? Grab a tee and scissors, instead, and save your coins.

7) The pineapple cut

Gentlemen, as of the year 2017, this haircut has expired. It makes you look like Spongebob's house under the sea. So, can we please...please move on to another style?