Over the course of college, we get into some habits that aren't the healthiest for us as people or for our growth into working adults. College is a culture and an environment all its own, and sadly, not everything translates over as well as we hope. Here are 7 habits that you should stop before leaving college or entering the workforce.

1. Showing up late.

I know, sometimes being late is inevitable, but not letting your employers know is not okay. Showing up late often makes you look unprofessional.

2. Using filler words.

Using excessive filler words makes you look unprofessional and sound like you have no idea what you're saying. Be sure of what you're going to say before you say it.

3. Eating only ramen, energy drinks, and fast food.

I get it, I really do. One of the four foods I can make myself is ramen, but that shouldn't be the only food you can cook. Learn to make a few easy meals and you'll be healthier.

4. Waking up after noon.

I've had shifts starting before 7 in the morning, so sleeping in until noon is not going to work for most employers. Get your sleep schedule figured out now, and you won't have to go to work on 2 hours of sleep for a week.

5. Pulling all-nighters.

Doing all-nighters are unhealthy and mess up your schedule for longer than you would think. It also looks unprofessional if you're procrastinating all of your work until the last minute.

6. Partying on Thursdays.

Not having Friday classes is great, but Thursdays are not a night to get wasted in the workforce. Having to show up to work hungover will lead to you having the worst time. Just wait until Friday.

7. Having pictures of your night at the club.

It's one thing to go party, but it's another to have a picture on your Facebook of your night at the party. It's also unprofessional and not a good look for a company who hires you. Either make these pictures private, untag yourself, or don't post them.