7 Crazy Things I Learned About 'Dora The Explorer!'
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7 Crazy Things I Learned About 'Dora The Explorer!'

The third one will shock you! Doctors hate him!

7 Crazy Things I Learned About 'Dora The Explorer!'

After relentlessly "reading" the article “17.5 Odyssey Prompts for Writers With Writer’s Block,” I came to a revelation. I could be as woke as all the cool kids if I could write about something really mainstream and relatable! What’s more mainstream than Dora the Explorer? What’s more relatable than easily digestible list-format articles?Why not combine the two and create something spectacular I can put on my summer internship resume? Hah, this mess of disorganized thought won’t hold a candle to this article!

So, here it is, dear readers: 7 Crazy Things I Learned About Dora The Explorer (Mostly From Wikipedia). Make sure to like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more amazing content!

1. Dora Isn’t Very Good At Communicating!

For a sociable bilingual child, I’ve come to the shocking revelation that D.T.E just isn’t very good at talking to people. She’ll ask you a question and then act as if you answered it even if you didn’t. It’s like she just assumes what you’re going to say! Talk about obliviousness, am I right or am I Wong? #puns

2. Doraception!

If you closely watch the opening video that leads into the TV show, an integral asset of the Dora the Explorer™ franchise (all rights reserved), you can see that the entire show is within a computer game! When I saw this, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! So meta! This was Inception™ before Inception™ was even a thing. I then was like, “D.T.E, WTF?” as I sipped some of my Starbucks™ PSL. #ididnotseethatcoming

3. Dora Actually Teaches English In Most Countries!

Huh. ‘Nuff said.

4. “Cuatro” Means Four!

Dora taught this to me in her show! In China, “four” sounds like “death.”

5. A New, Live-Action Movie In The Works!

Dora the Explorer is in the works toward becoming a live-action movie! I’m sure it’ll be just as relevant to the kids of today as it was to my generation. It’s coming to theatres in the Year of Our Lord 2019, so buy your tickets now before it sells out!

6. The Big Red Chicken Character Is A Symbol Of The New Global Order!

We live in an Information Age, a time in which technology is advancing faster than it ever has in human history. Many people across the globe are fed by GMO products. The creators of Dora saw this coming. Those visionaries went out and created a character, a massive, crimson chunk of poultry representative of the advent of the GMO in a modern age. That character is… the Big Red Chicken. As big as a hill and plump enough to feed an entire city, this guy represents the emergence of a new Green Revolution.

7. “¡Vamonos!”

That means "let’s go!" I hope you guys enjoyed the article! Remember: bilingualism is an important asset in today’s world. In other words, watch Dora the Explorer. You might learn a thing or two. ¡Adios! That means goodbye.

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