7 Christmas Traditions For Couples
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7 Christmas Traditions For Couples

Because who doesn't need another reason to bake cookies and go shopping?

7 Christmas Traditions For Couples

The other day, my boyfriend and I sat down to brunch and discussed our holiday plans. This is the first time that we'll be spending the duration of Christmas break together so we have lots of plans to make! One of the best parts about being in a relationship is getting to start fun holiday traditions together. However, after our talk, I realized that we don't really have any yet. So, I came up with this list of fun new traditions you can start with your significant other. Don't have a significant other? No worries! Most of these will work with your friends or your family, too!

1. Ornament Exchange

Exchanging ornaments each year is a great way to document your favorite memories. If you each pick out or make an ornament that encompasses a memory with your significant other, your tree will soon be filled with memories! It's a fun, easy, and cheap tradition to start. The ones pictured below are filled with sand from different beaches. What a great way to remember your travels together!

2. Stockings

Sure, stockings are traditionally hung from your parent's mantle and filled with toys and gifts on Christmas morning. However, once you move out of your parent's house, it doesn't make as much sense to have your stocking filled there. Instead, why not purchase (or make!) stockings with your significant other. Then each year, you can fill each other's with fun little trinkets you'll think they'll like. Then, you can sit down together and open all your little gifts. Fun!

3. Bake Cookies

Every year, pick a day, and go crazy in the kitchen! You can make traditional Christmas cookies and decorate them, or you can make other holiday treats! Or both. Because really, why not both? Baking with your significant other is sure to be blast. It is always a happy memory and definitely a fun tradition to start. Once all of your baked goods are done, you can package them up on festive plates and bring them to your families for Christmas!

4. Write Letters

Find a time before Christmas, sit down, and write a letter (or even better, a Christmas card!) to your significant other. Handwritten letters are so underrated these days. Everyone loves to read a letter, especially when it comes from someone you love. Write about your favorite memories from the past year and what you're looking forward to in the coming one. It's a great way to slow down and connect with your significant other during the busy holiday season.

5. Hot Chocolate & Christmas Movies

Make some hot chocolate. When I say hot chocolate, I mean real hot chocolate; the stuff made with cream and chocolate, not the stuff that comes from powder. You can find a great crock pot recipe here. Top it with marshmallows and yummy whipped cream and you're set! Find a few of your favorite Christmas movies, and settle in on the couch with a nice, warm blanket for a fun evening!

6. Christmas Shopping

One of the best parts about being in a serious relationship is that you can collaborate on gifts. Not sure what to get his mom? Put your name on his gift. Is he stumped on what to get your step dad? He can put his name on yours. Even better, shop together! Then everything you give on Christmas will come from both of you. It's fun to bounce ideas off each other and hunt for the perfect gifts for your friends and family members. Not a fan of the mall? Cuddle up on the couch with your laptop and shop online!

7. Search For Christmas Lights

Looking at other people's Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday activities. Grab some hot cocoa or warm cider, crank the Christmas tunes, and hit the road! If you're lucky, maybe there will be a few extravagant light shows. Try to find the best display in your town.

That's all I came up with. Have any fun traditions of your own? Share them below!

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