7 Bizarre Yet Wonderful Things You Can Buy On Amazon
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7 Bizarre Yet Wonderful Things You Can Buy On Amazon

You probably won't need them, but they are so great that you might just buy them anyways.

7 Bizarre Yet Wonderful Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Ah, Amazon. With the amazing deals and free two-day shipping, it's one of my go-to online shopping sites for just about anything. I can get everything from my shampoo to a new backpack to an extra-large box of granola bars. I can even watch as many movies and TV shows as I please (and that my wallet will let me). While it's great that it has everything, sometimes I question some of the things being sold. There are some really bizarre and strange items on Amazon, but I honestly think that the quirks make it all the better. I am unfortunately an impulse buyer, so when I see items as amazing as these, it's nearly impossible for me to resist (especially with the addition of the 1-Click Ordering button).

Here are some of the most amazing and "necessary" things that I have seen so far. I can proudly say that I haven't purchased them yet, but hopefully one day I can call myself lucky enough to own these amazing items.

1. Portable Pizza Pouch.

For all of you pizza fanatics out there, this is a vital purchase that you could use for the rest of your life.

Raving Review:

"Wonderful product. Definitely a must have when eating a fresh pie, not only saves me countless trips back to the box but I now have an extra hand to stay properly hydrated while eating pizza. My biggest concern was getting the slice in and out of the pouch but to my surprise I didn't lose a single topping in the extraction process. And the seal up option is always nice for those rainy days." -- Tim.

2. Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks.

Okay, I have to confess, I actually do own a set of these, but I swear I didn't buy them. They are to this day one of the best White Elephant gifts I have ever received.

Raving Review:

"For the price, they exceed my expectations. My kids love them. They are 7 and 10 and can eat with them very well. They were the luckiest kids in the school they thought. And the big kid made me pack him a bento lunch for work so he could show off too, lol." -- Crystal.

3. Kikkerland LB18 Cactus Dryer Balls.

I don't really know what a dryer ball is or what it does, but I do know that I need a set of these. ADORABLE!

Raving Review:

"They're adorable, cheap, and do what they're supposed to. Love these little things. My kid wants to help me with the laundry because there are toys that stay in the dryer now." -- J.

4. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm.

You can literally grow your own mushrooms out of a box. It's apparently cheaper than buying harvested mushrooms from the grocery store? Sign me up!

Raving Review:

"It works! Be patient. In my case, the mushrooms appeared on day 7. Oyster mushrooms, in my opinion, have the best taste, very potent and clean flavor. They are perfect for soups, sauces, and sauté well with other veggies and meats. There's no earthy taste to them at all." -- Giovanni.

5. SONGMICS Multifunctional Bamboo Laptop Desk.

This is perfect for those of us that never want to leave our beds but have to get some work done. You can even use it for serving breakfast in bed!

Raving Review:

"I hate leaving my bed and I *need* to have a sturdy surface to work (or watch YouTube) on, so this desk solves everything. Better yet, I can snuggle underneath my blanket and wiggle my legs around whenever they start to fall asleep. I usually use it flat, but you can also elevate the desk (there are different notches for your preferred angle and a removable wooden ledge to prevent your laptop from avalanching onto your chest). When I’m not using the desk, I just pop it underneath my bed. I could literally wake up and scoop up my desk in seconds, and thus live my best life." -- Sarah.

6. Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank.

For those of us who want a pet but can only just barely keep plants alive. With this system, the plants clean the water and the fish feed the plants!

Raving Review:

"Love this. We painted the back of tank with black paint and added a submersible light. I recommend soaking the seeds for a few days till they sprout before putting on rocks. We added; aquatic plants, guppies, African dwarf frog, mystery snail, nerite snails and blue velvet shrimp. It's a very happy ecosystem." -- Colleen.

7. 2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar.

Need I say more?

Raving Review:

"Have you ever woken up and immediately wanted to destroy something? Of course you have. Nary a day goes by that causing a bit of destruction wouldn't make the rest of the day so much easier to handle. I've woken up and smashed alarm clocks with hammers. It got expensive even replacing the cheapest alarm clocks daily. I've broken a few eggs (and enjoyed the ensuing omelettes that came with it). I even crashed my car into some medians on the morning commute, but after three times, my insurance company told me they frown upon such behaviors. Then came this. Every morning I wake up and hold in my rage long enough to amble over to the 2014 bubble calendar and start my day off my popping, and utterly destroying, the current day's representative bubble. It has done wonders for my psyche and I no longer have the urge to ruin other household goods or roadside attractions." -- SW3K.

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