62 Short Steps To Becoming A Real-Life Violinist
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62 Short Steps To Becoming A Real-Life Violinist

It's an endless cycle of practicing with the added bonus of a one-sided love-hate relationship.

62 Short Steps To Becoming A Real-Life Violinist
Interlochen Public Radio
  1. Buy a cheap violin
  2. Try to play
  3. Realize you sound terrible
  4. Find a teacher
  5. Learn Twinkle
  6. Listen to Twinkle
  7. Listen to other classical music
  8. Practice
  9. Learn more basic songs
  10. Practice
  11. Cry because your fingers haven’t developed callouses yet and they hurt
  12. Practice
  13. Listen to the songs you’re practicing
  14. Practice
  15. Listen to classical music
  16. Practice
  17. Learn to read music
  18. Practice reading music
  19. Go back to Twinkle to learn vibrato
  20. Practice
  21. Cry because you’re tired of practicing
  22. Notice that you’ve developed a permanent hickey from practicing
  23. Display your violin hickey as evidence that you’re practicing
  24. Become very proud of your violin hickey
  25. Practice more
  26. Celebrate the callouses and lack of feeling in your fingertips
  27. Practice
  28. Get excited because you’re playing a piece you enjoy.
  29. Realize that music is amazing
  30. Start to enjoy violin
  31. Go on to another piece
  32. Practice
  33. Spend your life savings buying a better violin
  34. Adore your new violin
  35. Practice on your new violin
  36. Move to a new teacher after becoming too advanced for your old one.
  37. Cry inside when they tell you all of your technique is wrong
  38. Learn new technique on Twinkle
  39. Practice basic bow strokes on Twinkle
  40. Practice vibrato on, you guessed it, Twinkle
  41. Start to hate violin
  42. Start to hate Twinkle
  43. Find more pieces that you like
  44. Practice them
  45. Enjoy practicing them
  46. Perform them
  47. Find another piece
  48. Practice it
  49. Start to love violin again
  50. Realize that all of your technique is wrong
  51. Practice it on Twinkle
  52. Rejoice that your technique is finally close to correct
  53. Join a chamber group
  54. Realize that your intonation is wrong
  55. Practice it on Twinkle
  56. Join an orchestra
  57. Realize your rhythm is off
  58. Practice with a metronome
  59. Get tired of all this practicing
  60. Perform
  61. Remember why you love this so much
  62. Keep practicing
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