60 Times Life Ripped Us Off To The Max
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60 Times Life Ripped Us Off To The Max

Top three rip offs in life: College, Apple Products, and Shipping Costs

60 Times Life Ripped Us Off To The Max
Jaclyn Hill

What more can I say other than, I'm a tad bit offended.

1. Having to pay for towels at the gym

2. Paying $500+ for a Pure Bred dog when you can rescue a dog for under $100

3. College Textbook Prices

4. When you want an internship/job to gain experience but the internship/job already wants you to have prior experience

5. The presidential election being based on the Electoral College votes

6. Not being able to park at the sorority house that I pay $5000 for already


8. Resturants that charge for chips and salsa

9. Frat boys.

10. Having to pay to print off in the college library

11. Paying for a parking decal and having the only area you can park in blocked off for game days

12. If you get a rental car you have to pay for a TEMPORARY parking decal, even though you already paid for a parking decal

13. The price of dorms in general

14. You pay well over $200 for a plane ticket and wifi is not included

15. College lab fees.

16. Apple slowing down phones when a new phone comes out


18. Progress Grades. They are NEVER accurate.

19. Lululemon Leggings

20. Healthy food is so expensive, yet unhealthy food is cheap.

21. Needing five years of experience for an entry-level job (check #5)

22. Classes that only offer one time slot

21. Price of Gas.

22. Paying to do laundry in a dorm THAT I PAY $2,500 for already

23. Urban Outfitters.

24. Apple iPhone chargers, always break after three weeks

25. Price of toilet paper.

26. The tax money that goes towards kids being provided meals in public schools and the kids are served awful food, defeating the purpose of the program because THE KIDS WILL NOT EAT IT

27. The sizing of clothes because they are shrinking each year, making girls think they are fat because they do not fit into a size 0 or 2

28. Paying to take the ACT

29. The ACT in general.

30. The fact that Apple's iPhone 7 and 8 has one hole for both the charger and headphones

31. APPLE IS A RIPOFF, but I will still always use their products

32. College application fees

33. One Tree Hill being taken off Netflix

34. Paying a fee to take YOUR MONEY out of an ATM that is not your banks.

35. Starkville has two banks.

36. Colleges that do not accept AP credit courses

37. Drinking age is 21, not 18

38. Cost of plane tickets in America, in other countries it is way cheaper


40. There is no Canes in Starkville

41. Buying an iPhone charger and having "accessory not supported"

42. When you buy clothes that fall apart/shrink after ONE wash

43. Finals Week.

43. No exam exemptions in college, instead exams count for 99% of your grade

44. Exams on a Saturday. WHO DOES THAT

45. Teachers you cannot understand

46. Bikini tops and bottoms that are sold separately

47. Paying to park at a school that costs $40,000

48. Paying out of state tuition for an online summer class

49. Pink Tax.

50. Paying to do homework in a class that you already pay tuition for


52. Peanut butter companies making the bottoms of jars curve inward

53. Chick-Fil-A on campus compared to regular Chick-Fil-A

54. Football concession stand food prices

55. Cost of funerals

56. Movie theatre ticket prices

57. Movie theatre food prices... $15 for popcorn and a drink #NOTHANKS

58. Sephora makeup. I will happily take my drugstore foundation over $50 Sephora foundation any day

59. Shipping costs

60. Life in general.

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