60 Embarrassing, Awkward Moments We Are All Guilty Of
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60 Embarrassing, Awkward Moments We Are All Guilty Of

That awkward moment when...

60 Embarrassing, Awkward Moments We Are All Guilty Of

Face it, sometimes we forget where we are and what we are doing. And sometimes our hand-eye coordination is not top notch. We all have those moments, whether they have happened to us once, twice, or six times. We hang our heads in shame and quickly walk to the nearest exit. Or we keep our embarrassing habits in private where no one will see. You're not alone, chances are many more have done the same...

1. Pushing a door that said pull... or vice-versa

How many times have you done this? You stop at the door and examine it before attempting to open it. Luckily, most doors tell us whether or not it is a push or pull...yet we still ignore the sign.

2. Calling out to your friend... except it wasn't your friend

"Ashley! Ashley!" [Girl turns around.] It's...not Ashley.

3. Completely missing your mouth when drinking

We drink from cups and bottles so frequently, it basically becomes an act of nature. However, when we don't pay attention is when things go south. You are usually focusing on something other than your beverage, and miscalculate the distance to your mouth.

4. And eating

Manipulating a spoon or fork can be quite difficult sometimes, or even eating finger food. Same with beverages, we usually drop food on ourselves when we aren't paying attention.

5. Taking a shot and yelling "BUCKETS!" except you miss it by a mile

Being talented at basketball is not for everyone. You think you have the easiest shot in the world. All your confidence is put into this one basket...except you completely miss it. Now is the time to quickly exit the court.

6. Sprinting to class because you're late

It may be a freshman thing, but being late to class can be a issue. A ten minute walk turns into a four minute dead sprint. Waking up late tends to be the major culprit in these situations.

7. Falling up the stairs

Those tricky steps always get the best of us. Texting and walking may be one thing, but texting and going up stairs is on a whole other level. Once we get closer to the top, our legs give out and we take a tumble.

8. I bet some of you have even fallen down some stairs, too

I do not know what is worse: falling up or down stairs. Because of gravity, you are likely to go further if you unluckily slip and fall. Watch out in the rain and snow because I bet some of you think your stair skills are "invincible."

9. Eating something that was WAY too spicy and playing it cool

"I can totally handle this sauce." [Can't handle it. But has to act like it is nothing.]

10. Accidentally touching someone's butt

Talk about awkward. No, I am not hitting on you. No, I am not trying to get a "feel." It just so happens some of us walk with dangly arms that we can't quite control.

11. Singing really, really loud, but your lyrics are really, really off

Your favorite song comes on the radio. You are so into it, except here comes the part you aren't quite so sure about. Do you make up your own words or mumble your way through. Hopefully no one calls you out on it, but most likely they will.

12. Stepping on someone's heel and apologizing...only to step on their heel again less than three minutes later

Walking closely behind someone is hard to do. You have to make shorter strides and watch where you step. However, you also need to navigate where you are going. Not only is stepping on someone's heels awkward; chances are it will happen again. Once it happens twice, I suggest you lay back until that person is a ways in front of you.

13. Singing in the shower only to realize someone was in the bathroom the whole time

The shower is the best place to jam. In dorms, you might as well plan a duet with the girl next to you. It is rare you will ever be alone.

14. Bouncing a ball really hard on the ground to show off your strength yet it comes immediately back up into your face (yes, I have done this)

Playing basketball with your crew can get pretty intense sometimes. You may even have the urge to show off your strength. How will you do that? Why, by nothing other than bouncing the ball really hard on the ground. Unfortunately, your hand-eye coordination is not quite up to speed...ball to the face.

15. Playing FarmVille

Yes, this was the middle school phenomenon. However, I bet some of you get so bored, that you check in on your crops. Nothing is more satisfying that harvesting virtual corn.

16. Making you and your crush get married on Sims

Sims is life. Literally.

17. Picking your nose...and yes, some of you are horrible at hiding it in public

You feel it, and you can't stop feeling it. I would suggest going in the bathroom and getting a tissue or a piece of toilet paper. But, man, some of you dig right in. Discretion is the key.

18. Proudly giving your group the right answer for a game in class, but it was wrong

No one knows the answer...it is your time to shine. You are 110 percent sure you have the right answer. You convince your group to choose your choice. And when the actual answer is revealed, you hide. Because it wasn't yours.

19. Tripping over a flat surface

We get it, walking on two feet is really difficult. And sometimes our legs just give up on us.

20. Grazing a stranger's hand in public

No, I wasn't trying to hold your hand. No, I wasn't trying out their softness.

21. Showing an article of clothing to your friend in a store, but when you look up, you are really just showing it to no one

Going shopping with friends has its perks. They tell you what looks good and what doesn't. So you find a shirt and hold it up, asking them about it. You talk and talk, but get no answer. Then you look up and you were talking to the air the whole time. Awkward.

22. Making eye contact with someone through the stall crack when trying to find an empty bathroom stall

You have to go. You run into the bathroom and none of the stall doors are open. We all know how those pesky stalls are; one of them is open, but the door is swung shut. While examining each stall, you look through the crack and someone is in there. Except she saw you too.

23. Actually keeping up with the Kardashians

Let's face it, it is kinda interesting.

24. Opening a soda and having it explode all over you - in public

There's a big difference between what happens in public and in private. Not only do you have to clean up yourself and your surroundings, people are watching you clean up yourself and your surroundings.

25. Knocking over a drink out at dinner

Reaching for the salt on a small table is quite the struggle. So when you knock over someone else's drink, it goes everywhere.

26. Choking on your own saliva

Everyone thinks you're dying, even you think you're dying. The coughing and the watering eyes. Then it all goes away in a minute, don't worry, it was just your spit.

27. Mispronouncing a really easy word

Reading aloud in class can be nerve-racking. Especially when you come across a word that is way too long and most definitely misspelled. You wing it and botch it. Next time, mumbling might be the way to go.

28. Just saying "Hey" to someone because you forgot their name

Meeting a lot of people at one time can be stressful on the memory. And even more stressful when they remember yours, but you can't return the favor.

29. Changing your mind when you order food and making the worker throw away whatever they just made (Subway, CAVA, Chipotle)

Trying something new is dangerous territory. Once you give the worker an order, you cannot take it back. I mean, you can, but in the process they have to start all over. That's when the eye roll comes into play.

30. Opening up a friends' pantry/fridge for food and then closing it after looking around because you "aren't hungry anymore"

We have the friends with the good food, and those with the bad food. After being at someone's house for an hour or two, it is time to eat. You look through their pantry... nothing. Then their fridge...nothing. All of sudden you go from starving to being "full."

31. Scratching your butt in public

If it's itchy. That itch will never go away until something is done about it, even if people are behind you. Go find a corner and fix that.

32. Spilling the food you just got

Watching the newest love of your life slip away, literally.

33. Having someone walk in on you singing and dancing in front of your mirror

Channeling your inner rock star and having someone witness it can be quite the shock.

34. Waving back to someone who wasn't waving at you

Hey you don't know the person, but they seem to be acknowledging you. Why not wave back to be nice? Being nice tends to backfire occasionally, like when the person they were actually waving to is behind you.

35. Spitting food on someone

Laughing and eating do not mix. Make sure to swallow before speaking.

36. Uncontrollably coughing in a quiet setting

It's coming...you can feel it...BAM. That dry spot in your throat has struck you, and it won't go away until you cough it out.

37. Crying because you are trying to control that cough

Teary eyes are the enemy. No, I am not crying, I am dying.

38. Checking yourself out in the window as you walk past it

Windows are just convenient mirrors. Why not make sure your hair is still in place? Maybe the person on the other side of the window can check for you too.

39. Asking someone if they're pregnant...and they aren't

If they look pregnant, don't even ask. Wait for some context clues.

40. Looking in the mirror and discovering you had food stuck in your teeth...for the past three hours

It was that darn salad; lettuce is the enemy. But it was there for half the day. Imagine all the people who you talked to in that time.

41. Talking to your crush with that food stuck in your teeth

Go hide under your covers and cry, because there's no recovering from this.

42. Saying "nice to meet you" to someone you have already met

The look on their face when you say that is priceless. Apparently they were not worthy of your remembrance. Just change the topic, ASAP.

43. Texting a message about a certain someone, yet you send it to that certain someone

You are annoyed and/or mad toward someone and decide to text your friend about it. You press send and realize the recipient isn't your friend. Go get that phone before they read it.

44. Not remembering basic math

Sometimes 2 x 5 can equal 7.

45. Bending down to pet a dog and it runs away from you

When an animal runs from you, that's when you know you've hit rock bottom.

46. Talking in your sleep

Mumbling, laughing, yelling...bad dreams make for embarrassing actions in your sleep. And chances are your roommate has heard it all.

47. Eating sh** in your high heels

They are cute, but dangerously high. Who cares, right? Your face will, after you land on it.

48. Showing up to the wrong place

Arriving at the wrong location can be very awkward, especially when those there recognize you. On a personal note, I once tried to enter my friend's house, but it wasn't his house. Make sure you know where you are going before the cops show up and think you're breaking and entering.

49. Going on a run through the neighborhood so less people see you walking

Let's be real, going on a "run" doesn't mean you'll be running the whole time. But that's what you want people to think. Going through a less populated area makes the likelihood of people seeing you walk decrease.

50. Going from walking to jogging when you hear a car coming

Quick, the driver can't see you slacking.

51. Grabbing the most food out of your friends

You can't help it. Food is good and you will enjoy it.

52. Falling off your bed

Sometimes it is just one of those days. Lost balance turns into some quality time with the floor.

53. Taking the wrong bus and ending up in the middle of nowhere

Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings. Absentmindedly taking a bus can really confuse you.

54. Trying to wink at someone and blinking both eyes instead

Winking is hard. Don't attempt unless you can definitely do it. You risk looking really, really stupid.

55. Breathing for the whole world to hear after going up some stairs

Heartburn is in. And everyone is feeling it. Stairs feel like death.

56. Answering "hi, how are you?" with "hi, how are you?"

It just happens and when it does, you want to run. We are so accustomed to this greeting that it just rolls off our tongue without a thought to it.

57. Stretching and the teacher thinks you are raising your hand, so she calls on you

No. Don't call on me. Really though, teachers should know the difference by now.

58. Sending a text to your parents that was supposed to go to a friend

What you did was illegal, and now your parents are hip.

59. Helping someone on homework and actually making them do worse

You know the formula inside and out. Well, you think you do. And the person you were helping if worse off with your help. Keep your mouth shut from now on.

60. That voice crack

Hitting high notes isn't for everyone.

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