While Instagram is a year round event, there is something different about instagram in the summer. During the year, it is full of pictures from parties at school or maybe an artsy picture of campus, but the vibe totally changes during the summer. Here are six classic kinds of instagrams you'll see this summer.

1. The exotic family vacation post

This usually includes an island you've never heard of or a country you didn't even realize was a vacation spot. While they may only be posting solo shots, you know their family is behind those pictures because there is no way they could go on a vacation like this without them.

2. The "I miss school/friends/when can I go back" post

A classic if I've ever seen one. Once that mid-summer lull hits, you are bound to see people wishing they could go back to college to party with their friends.

3. The beach/pool post

I really don't think you can go a day without seeing someone post about being by some body of water. I guess if I had a pool or went to the beach every day I would post about it too but since I don't, I don't really get this constant trend.

4. The "abroad for the summer" post

These are the lucky ones that get to spend their summers abroad. Their instagrams will definitely be stalked and envied because it really seems like they are having the time of their lives.

5. The "proof I went outside today" post

This is usually a random picture of nature, the persons backyard, them hiking, the sunset, etc. It is really just proof to the world that this person went outside today, even if it was only for the picture.

6. The "look I ate trendy food" post

For some reason, these posts are predominantly saved for the summer time. But you will always see someone posting about what trendy food they discovered, colorful acai bowls or fun roof top bars that serve popsicles in wine. Food instas in the summer are IN.