6 Times Thomas Rhett And Lauren Akins Were Gold Beyond #Goals

6 Times Thomas Rhett And Lauren Akins Were Gold Beyond #Goals

You can't say you don't want to be them sommmeeetimessss.

We all know the down-to-earth country singer Thomas Rhett and we see how he showers his wife, Lauren Akins, with love in the most amazing ways. He does exactly what any girl could ever want in a husband, they are gold beyond #goals.

1. When he rented out an entire movie theater just for the two of them.

You heard it people, and no I am not making it up. He surprised Lauren and rented out an entiiiirrre movie theater just for the two of them!

2. They met at 13 and briefly dated at age 15.

3. How her dad called him and told Rhett to get over to their house.

Years after they dated, they split up and got into serious relationships with other people. In fact, they almost even got married to those other people! One night Lauren's dad called him and told him to get over to their house and tell her how he really feels. Even he knew they were meant to be.

4. Their little family they're starting.

Both new additions to the family, they recently adopted precious Willa Gray from Uganda and Lauren gave birth to baby Ada James! Talk about family goals.

5. All the songs he's written for her.

With "Die A Happy Man" probably being the most popular of the songs, he's written so many more about her! "Unforgettable," "Marry Me," and so many more.

6. All of his cute Insta posts.

I'm not crying, you're crying. And this isn't even the best one.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Akins / Instagram

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To My Future Husband Who I Will Love

You will make me happier than anyone ever has.

Dear Future Husband,

Let me start by saying, I am a piece of work. I am needy and yet lacking some trust, I don't always know how what I am feeling but I will expect you to know, and I need a constant reminder of how much you love and care about me.

I will constantly be looking for your approval even if I don't need it and ask you if I look fat in an outfit (the answer is always no, no matter what!). And I doubt things and will continuously ask you do you still love me? or do you regret marrying me?, that will never change.

With me saying all of that trust me there will even be days when you sit there and think to yourself what did I get myself into? or wasn't she was completely fine a minute ago? Also, there will be times when I come home saying that nothing in my life makes me happy and I wish I could just start over. but the morning after I say this I will wake up in tears apologizing profusely for saying you do makes me happy because trust me you make me happy then anyone ever has.

I will give you a heads up now - even though I won't always like you, I will always love you unconditionally.

Of course, we will get in our fights; because every lasting relationship has them. I will refuse to apologize or admit I was wrong because I am unbelievably stubborn (sorry, our kids will be too). But in the ending one of us will take defeat (you) and everything will work out.

But I promise you, you won't regret your decision to marry me, and when I promise something, I never ever break that promise.

EVER. (I really hope you know what Disney movie that is from) I will be with you through thick and thin, making sure you are okay every single day. I will find every way to make you happy and nothing will stop me from trying to help you with every problem you have or any dilemma going on in your life. I will make you open up to me even if I don't open up to you.

Although that may sound forceful you'll be thankful in the long run. On top of all that I will be willing to let you make me a better person and allow you to help me grow into my full potential.

Finally, when we have been married for a few years and have a dog or five (that's a must no ifs, ands, or buts) I can say will full confidence I am up for starting to grow our family and teach our kids whats right from wrong, what it takes to be a good person, and force them to do things with us even when they are angsty teens.

I know you are going to be an amazing dad and husband with your perseverance, strength, and never ending love. No matter the circumstance you will be willing to do everything for your family because that is who I married; someone who can be their hero as well as mine.

I love you,

You Future Wife

Cover Image Credit: Carly Rae Hobbins

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10 Ways To Know He's The One For You

It doesn't matter how old you are, when you meet the one for you, you'll know it.

1. You always enjoy each other's company

It doesn't matter if you are out doing something or just sitting on the couch, you are just happy to be next to him.

2. You can trust him no matter what

He is the person you tell all your secrets too because you know he won't say a word.

3. He is easy to communicate with

You can talk about anything and everything with him.

4. He is always making you laugh

Even at the worst times, he is the one you makes you laugh so hard that you start crying.

5. He brings out the best version of you

He makes you feel empowered and like you can do anything in the world.

6. You are apart of each other's families

Your family absolutely adores him and loves having him around, they even say they like him more than you sometimes.

7. You can be yourself around him

He makes you feel so comfortable that you aren't afraid to be yourself when he's around.

8. You learn new things from him

Whether it is the simplest things or the most complicated, he is always teaching you something.

9. He makes you feel safe no matter what

It doesn't matter what is going on or where you are you know he will always protect you.

10. He is your biggest supporter

No matter what you want to try next, he is the first person who says you will do amazing.

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