Binge watching Gossip Girl has significantly taken over my life the past few weeks. I spent the majority of my spring break watching Gossip Girl and I regret nothing. Although I do wonder why I have not watched this show before and for that simple fact if you have not watched it yet, you have a lot to catch up on. While watching Gossip Girl I came to love Chuck Bass. By far my favorite character in the whole show. He is sassy, mouthy, knows what he wants, can be a total jerk but he can also be the most loving and carefree person in the entire show. So without farther to do here are six reasons why I fell in love with the character Chuck Bass.

1. His love for Blair

As many times as Blair has broken his heart and things have gotten in-between them. Chuck still loves Blair no matter what. He would go to wits end for her.

2. He has a carefree and fun personality

Chuck Bass knows how to have a good time. We can not forget when Chuck and Blair crashed a bar mitzvah party and they practically fell in love with each other all over again. He is carefree and does not care what anyone thinks of him.

3. He can be romantic and cute

After going back and forth between the two on who will admit their love for each other, Chuck finally came around and gave Blair what she wanted. Season 2 Episode 25 will never be forgotten. How cute was it that Chuck bought Blairs favorite things and finally said I love you?

4. Chuck broke our hearts when he finally showed emotions after his dad passed away

Chuck Bass has a difficult time expressing emotions and we as viewers could tell his fathers death was tearing him apart inside but he did not want to show it. Finally he stopped pushing everyone away and went to Blair for a shoulder to lean on. Poor Chuck...

5. His positivity for his and Blairs relationship

Chuck has always cared and when he wants something he fights for it. He does not let it go even if he has to wait for it to come to him. There is no chance Chuck Bass would give up.

6. Chuck apologized to Blair, Chuck has honesty to him

Chucks everlasting love for Blair never died throughout the show. He was great at hiding it and making up for lost time. He apologized to Blair for not being the man he should have been was heartbreaking and also heart warming. At this point, will she please take him back already?

Chuck Bass has made Gossip Girl interesting and worth the watch. He may be a jerk sometimes but in a way it can be attractive. The Chuck Bass character was the best one created. If only there was a Chuck Bass out there for everyone.