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6 Things You Say at Orientaiton

vs. What You Actually Mean

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Orientation week has begun and it may feel as if you're saying the same things over and over again, most likely because you are. Oftentimes, these phrases become trite and you don't actually mean what you say, but you're trying to be polite. Here are some translations to explain what you actually mean with the common questions that you're asking.

1. What You Say: "What dorm are you in?"

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What You Mean: "Am I going to have to see you on a daily basis?"

2. What You Say: "What major are you thinking of doing?"

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What You Mean: "Do you have the same major as me? Are we going to be in the same classes? Can you help me survive this semester?"

3. What You Say: "Where are you from?"

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What You Mean: "Are you from some place fun and exotic? Like Hawaii? No? Oh, you're in-state. All right, well now we have nothing to talk about."

4. What You Say: "What classes are you taking?"

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What You Mean: "I hope you're in this class that I'm really bad at so that you can help me study for it and I hope you know what you're doing because I don't."

5. What You Say: "What clubs/activities are you thinking of joining?"

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What You Mean: "Do we have anything in common? Wait, you're a theater person too? Okay, so are you joining this club and that club?"

6. What You Say: "I hope I'll see you around campus!"

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What You Mean: "I have no idea what else to say and I'm pretty sure I won't see you around campus, but have a fun semester."

Sometimes I think it's socially acceptable to wear PJs all day and watch Netflix.#JHU19

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