6 Things My Sophomore Year Has Taught Me

6 Things My Sophomore Year Has Taught Me

It never gets easier.

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High school is four years of the exact same thing, day in and day out, year in and year out. The cool thing about college, however, (and also the most horrifying), is that every year is a completely different experience. Maybe, that's not a good thing all around because it's so easy for the year to catch you off guard, but it also means that each year teaches you something a little different.

1. There's such thing as sophomore senioritis.

Okay so maybe there's also no such thing as freshman senioritis or junior senioritis but the procrastination levels this year were off the charts. We used to think starting a paper the night before was bad, try waking up at five in the morning to write an essay instead.

2. There's no such thing as getting used to college food.

Hunter's food has not gotten any more appetizing the older I get. I've disowned the cafeteria; in my eyes, the only thing they serve is coffee. Hmph.

3. The bagel shop by Hunter though...

Hunter's cafeteria has pushed me out of Hunter during lunchtime completely, and that's actually how I stumbled across the bagel place/deli that's right down the block. The food is good and the employees are lightning fast yet still polite, even though there's always a crowd there. I guess one good thing came out of Hunter's cafeteria.

4. Self-taught classes are the devil.

That class that you were super excited about because the teacher told you attending lectures wasn't necessary? Go away, dammit because you shall not pass.

5. The pressure continues...

You no longer have the excuse of being a freshman and having no idea what's going on. Now, not only are you expected to have it together for classes, you're also expected to start "gaining experience in your field," whatever that means.

6. It never gets easier.

There aren't any breaks or breathers. Your professor knows you're taking five classes and will assign 2-page responses weekly anyway. You will blank out the entire first part of the semester but have to take the midterm anyway. Prepare to forget what the soft embrace of your bed feels like.

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