Finals season is officially here for most college students and this means its time to turn off your phone, and start studying (well, kind of). These six things are what every college student feels, thinks, or does during the worse 2 weeks of the semester.

1. Grind, Grind, Grind

All you do is look at notes that make no sense and try your best to figure everything out and pray a whole lot before your exam.

2. Thinking 5 O'clock In The Morning Is A Normal Time To Sleep

The hours just seem to go so much faster when you have so much to study for.

3. Really Thinking If Getting A Degree Is Worth It

Thinking about all the other jobs that will pay off all your bills in the future, while still struggling to make it through four years of hell.

4. Crying Because You Feel None of Your Dreams Are Going To Come True

You have the constant anxiety that your gonna fail all of your exams and the med school you have always dreamed of going to seems like a distant memory.

5. Realizing That Coffee Is Equivalent to Water

That 8 cups of water that your suppose to drink every day suddenly turns into 8 cups of coffee.

6. Counting Down The Days To Break

So, is it Christmas yet?

Finals season is one of the most traumatizing weeks any college student has to go through during their time at college. No matter what happens it is always a learning experience that everyone who goes to college has to go through. Work hard and study smart!