6 Things All Budget Beauties Will Understand
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6 Things All Budget Beauties Will Understand

When you don't have money to spend at Sephora

6 Things All Budget Beauties Will Understand

The worst part about good makeup is how expensive it is. Some of us just simply cannot justify paying $20 for a tube of lipstick, so we turn to cheaper options. This can prove to be either the best or the worst decision of our lives. The following list shows a few things that all of us budget beauties will recognize.

1. Finding a dupe for an expensive product.

Whether it's Colourpop for lipsticks or E.L.F. for highlighters, just about every overpriced product has it's secret cheap counterpart. There is nothing more satisfying than applying a product that looks like Kylie, but was only $6.

2. Never knowing what coverage your foundation will really be.

Nothing is worse than thinking you got a good bargain on full coverage and going home to figure out it's sheer. Sure, in hindsight you did only spend $10, but hey, you worked for that crisp bill!

3. That smell.

With cheap products often comes a thick, chemical scent. A mix between formaldehyde and Clorox can often describe it quite well. Some companies will try to prevent this by adding an entire bucket of perfume to the mix. This never ends well.

4. Looking just as good as your Sephora wearing friends.

When you find the products that work for you, looking good is no problem. You can contour, line, and fill just as good as if you spent $100 on your products, and feel good about doing it too.

5. Breaking out.

Sometimes inexpensive products are made with items that aren't the most skin friendly (yeah, we're looking at you, chemical smell). Nothing is worse that breaking out from a concealer you would need to use to cover that breakout!

6. Having money in your pocket.

At the end of the day, your wallet is happy with your decisions. Your bank account (or your parents, for younger readers) won't have to cry tonight knowing you bought a new mascara. Hey, less money spent means more money you have leftover to buy more makeup!

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