6 Steps of a Professional Carpet Cleaning
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6 Steps of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Before choosing your professional carpet cleaners, get to know more about the process

6 Steps of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet cleaning requires more than a simple vacuuming every week. As carpets are mainly found in high traffic areas, it is important to maintain them regularly in order to extend their life and keep your carpet looking its best. Basic maintenance requires having your carpet professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. This general guideline has to be adjusted based on the traffic and specifics of your carpet, such as color, how frequently it is vacuumed, if pets are allowed on the carpet, among others.
Before choosing your professional carpet cleaners, get to know more about the process. From start to finish, let us review how a professional cleaning company ensures your carpet will be perfectly cleaned.

Professional Carpet Deep cleaning explained in 6 steps

Step 1: Pre-Inspect

Our technician will start by inspecting the carpets you want to be cleaned and will walk you through the carpet cleaning process. The technician will assess the general condition of the carpet and localize the specific areas or spots that will require extra attention. If at this stage, there are items that need to be moved, it will be discussed with the owner. We will try to move as much furniture out of the way as we can. But if heavy furniture was not moved prior to the appointment, the technician will try his best to clean underneath, but if he can't then, he will clean around it.

Step 2: Pre-Clean

Your carpet cleaning will begin by spot treating any areas that need extra attention.

Step 3: Carpet Cleaning Process

A professional cleaning company will use Hot Water Extraction Technique, which sends hot water deep into the carpet and extracts all the dirt by suction. This deep cleaning is the best way to release the dirt that has been pushed deep within the fibers by people walking on it, days after days after days. So you can imagine the power required to extract the dirt from deep below, and the thicker the carpet, the more difficult it. The hot water is rapidly extracted to allow the carpet to dry within hours and prevent mold.

Step 4: Deodorize or Sanitize are good options

Deodorizing or sanitizing might be required in special cases such as bad smells or stains from pets. It is also a good way to prevent bacteria growth within your carpets, which can cause bad odor and allergies

Some company will steam the carpet to refresh the fibers

Step 5: Carpet Protection:

Another option we offer is the protection of your carpet with a chemical shield, such as Scotchgard™. This type of treatment is very appropriate for carpets and furniture that are new or still looking good and that you wish to keep that way. A protector treatment will help prevent dirt accumulation within the fibers, will facilitate a healthy deep vacuuming, and will prevent stains for a certain period, depending on the brand.

Step 6: Inspection

An inspection is conducted by the team, sometimes with the customer if he is available, to ensure the carpet is clean everywhere. If some spots remain, the technicians will identify the location for you and recommend special stain removal treatments that are not part of a regular carpet cleaning as some substances or chemicals may be impossible to remove.

Following these steps should ensure a satisfying and rewarding experience for both parties as it promotes clarity in communication and trust in the work that can or cant' be accomplished.

Written by Laurent Olivier

Montreal, 11.03.21

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