6 Steps To Help Moments of Anxiety
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6 Steps To Help Moments of Anxiety

Simple things to help you feel better!

6 Steps To Help Moments of Anxiety
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Like most people, sometimes I struggle with moments of anxiety. My stomach starts to flutter, my mind feels like its been swirled and most times, tears form in my eyes. These are moments I deeply struggle to calm down, but over time I've learned some tricks to help.

Close Your Eyes

Take yourself out of the moment.

Take Many Deep Breaths

This will help calm your brain and stop your tears.

If You Can, Lay Down

Lay flat and listen to your breathing.

Hold Something That Is Special To You

Holding something tight to your chest will also help you calm down and make you feel like you aren't alone.

Step Away

If you're in a crowded place, find a spot you can be alone for a minute and take those deep breaths.

Get A Hug

It's always nice to feel like someone is there for you. If you see someone in a moment of anxiety, give them a hug.

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