6 Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Family
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6 Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Family

Everyone has a soul family and there signs to find out if you have reunited

6 Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Family
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Your soul family is out there, whether it is in the astral realm or in this 3D world like you, and it is an amazing experience to reunite with them. It is very rare to find someone from this family, but it does happen. Your biological family here on earth is not your soul family. You may have felt like you do not fit in with your family on earth and that is because they are here to help aid you in this life. When you meet someone from your soul family, you feel at home. It is an indescribable feeling but here are some signs to figure out if you really have met someone from your higher family.

You feel understood

When you are with someone from your soul family, you do not feel like you're speaking without being heard. They completely understand you and you do not have to express yourself with any fear. They hold such unconditional love, that nothing you say will confuse them or alter their feelings about you. You speak and act as if you were the same person. You are never judged by them and they genuinely listen to everything you have to say.

You feel like you have always known them

Within the first few hours of meeting this person, you feel like you have been friends with them since childhood. You truly create a quick bond that is strong. You share so much about yourself and it seems easy to do so too. There are no secrets between you and your soul family member because you already seem to know everything about them. When talking about each other's pasts and childhoods, you feel a lot of empathy for them and as if you grew up right alongside them.

There is no sense of time with them

When you are around this person, hours feel like minutes. Time does not exist when you hang out with them and it feels like there will never be enough time in the world to share between the both of you. This is because with your soul family, your soul runs on universal time and not earth-time. It is like the saying goes, "time flies by when you're having fun". This is the same for when you are around your soul family member. It can be annoying and a blessing at the same time.

You empower each other 

Your soul family member does whatever they can to make you feel loved and empowered. They want to see you thrive and live your very best life. You have an amazing support system with them and they are always there to cheer you on. A soul family member will question what you fear and what might be holding you back from your dreams and from living your highest potential. They will push you for your own good and happiness.

You meet them when you need guidance

You will most likely meet a soul family member when you feel like your life is falling apart or your mental/physical health is at it's worst. The universe will push you two together to help each other and guide one another into their best life. The moment you accept what is happening around you and open your heart to the universe around you, amazing things will happen such as reuniting with a soul family member. Everything happens for a reason.

You share similar life experiences

When you connect to your soul family member and open to them, you will most likely find that you two went through very similar life experiences. Wether it is a tough childhood, divorced parents, isolation, abuse, or mental struggles, you two will have a lot of similarities. This is because you two share the same life "theme" for growing up in this human, 3D world. This tights your bond with each other and forms such a close friendship, that you both are the same soul.

It would be amazing if everyone on earth could find and connect with their soul family, but sadly, that is not the case. We often never reconnect with them and it is a tough reality. This is because when we reincarnate, we forget who we used to be so we can live a full human experience. But sometimes, we do find someone in our soul family and it is an amazing connection once it does happen.

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