Are you obsessed with "Parks and Rec?" Do you re-watch it as much as "The Office?" If so, you'll definitely dig these six shows that you can stream on Netflix.

Check out this "Parks and Rec"-inspired list of great tv shows:

1. "GLOW"

The gorgeous ladies of wrestling are a hilarious 80s crew, and their cast dynamic will have you loving all the characters.

2. "Big Mouth"

Nick Kroll's animated series about going through puberty is hilarious, raunchy, and has witty humor similar to "Parks."

3. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

UKS is a hilarious comedy about Kimmy who moves to NYC after being rescued from a bunker she was held captive in for years. This cast of characters is absolutely hilarious and have the best one-liners.

4. "Superstore"

This hilarious comedy is set in the workplace, just like "Parks and Rec," and you'll be sure to fall in love with these store employees.

5. "Friends from College"

This ensemble of friends is messy, not put together, and trying to find their way to live. Billy Eichner also stars in this show, making it a bit of a cross over!

6. "Master of None"

Tom Haverford aka Aziz Ansari created and stars in this extremely well-done series about a 30-something navigating life and love.