The Best 6 Rides To Ride At Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Best 6 Rides To Ride At Six Flags Magic Mountain

From the stomach turning drops to the four dimensional coasters

Across the country, many Six Flags locations have been the travel destinations for young adults and families everywhere! The exhilarating roller coasters provide a thrilling day of 255 foot drops and a virtual reality coaster that keeps you on your toes until the last second. Six Flags Magic Mountain has some of the best roller coasters around and these are the top six coasters at Six Flags (In no particular order)!

6. The New Revolution

Originally opened to the public on May 8, 1976 this coaster reaches speeds of 55 miles per hour and just recently added the newest feature: virtual reality. The rider can choose whether they want to wear the virtual reality goggles and if they do, it is one of the greatest adventures the riders will have. The rider has a 360 view of a galactic battle scene and can even shoot other battle ships to earn the rider points. The virtual reality point of view is noted to change frequently though to have different scenarios and keep the riders interested.

5. Goliath

With it's 255 foot drop and speeds reaching up to 85 miles an hour, this coaster is sure to give you a fun ride! The ride lasts three minutes and will give you a thrilling ride from beginning to end. The ride opens up with the 255 foot drop and continues on from there with pure fun! Anyone who loves a thrill is sure to love this coaster!

4. X2

X2 is the world's first four dimensional roller coaster and it's max speed is 76 miles per hour. People wait for hours to ride this coaster and for good reason! This roller coaster gives you an intense ride that you do not expect. Riders are completely turned upside down at multiple points in the ride and are truly taken for a thrill ride!

3. Tatsu

Tatsu is a roller coaster where the rider is laying on their stomach the whole time. The rider feels as if they are flying reaching speeds of sixty two miles an hour and the coaster includes an inverted loop as well that sends the rider darting towards the ground before coming back up and completing their flight.

2. Full Throttle

Full Throttle is a 30 second ride that reaches the max speed at seventy miles per hour. When the coaster first opened the vertical loop was the tallest one standing at 160 feet tall. This ride is definitely a Full Throttle ride that sends the riders backwards at one point and then shoots forward again to finish the ride!

1. Superman

This super roller coaster reaches speeds over 100 miles an hour to shoot the riders backwards and then sends them shooting straight down back to their starting positions. This coaster is vastly popular for all riders and provides a truly exciting ride!

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