6 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be Camping
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6 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be Camping

6 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be Camping

You’ll never quite love the world as a whole until you sleep under the stars. A night in the fresh air holds some sort of magic you can’t find in any city, big or small. Many people would never consider a tent or a camper first thing when planning a vacation getaway, but they are seriously missing out. Here are just a few of the reasons why a camping trip should be in your future.

1. The fresh air

Nothing will leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed than the fresh air of camping. It clears your head and gives you a burst of energy. You’ll sleep like a baby and return home feeling better than ever. You can’t get those kinds of benefits from a flight somewhere.

2. The food

Long story short, nothing beats a s’more while sitting around a bonfire with your family. But to top it off, camping usually includes all things grilled, cooked over the fire, and sometimes even venturing out to try a new local restaurant. No matter what it is, things just taste better on a camping adventure.

3. The stars

The stars are the most magical part of spending time out in the world. The thing that really sets it apart from home is the fact that there are thousands more stars away from the cities. Something about watching the sunset and the sky lighting up with thousands of twinkling little lights tops any big city trip.

4. The adventures

Camping is the perfect time to get out and enjoy nature. Hiking, biking, kayaking, you name it, and it makes the perfect outdoors adventure. A personal favorite is hiking through state parks like Gooseberry Falls or venturing around Split Rock Lighthouse. Spending time camping opens up a free schedule perfect for spontaneous new memories to be created.

5. The laughs

The jokes and the humor that goes along with camping are unrivaled. Sometimes it all goes as planned, sometimes it doesn’t. The unexpected is one of the things that make camping so much different from every other vacation you’ll take. It could be laughing at others tripping over tent stakes, melting their Crocs next to the fire, or simply the inside jokes you create, but the camping giggles make it worthwhile to go into the woods.

6. The memories

As with any trip, the memories are unforgettable. But when your trip is staying out in nature, they seem a little more meaningful. The dinners seem more cherished, the talks around the fire seem deeper and the outings seem more adventurous. In some ways, you get more out of life for those few days away from the world in your little tent.

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