6 Reasons You Should Not Text Your Ex On New Year's

6 Reasons You Should Not Text Your Ex On New Year's

"Cancel out my ex I put a line through that b****." - Drake

Whatever you're thinking of sending don't. In case you need some extra encouragement, here are just some reasons you should do the complete opposite of texting your ex on New Year's.

1. You're probably drunk.

You pre-gamed the pre-game, downed an obscene amount of tequila shots, had one too many glasses of champagne, and now it's six minutes until midnight and you’re wondering if you should just text them: you shouldn’t.

2. They are also, probably drunk.

If you’re drunk enough that you’re actually contemplating sending that text, then chances are they are also on the same tip, if not past it. Two wrongs don’t make a right and two drunk ex-lovers definitely don’t either, so back away from the phone.

3. New year, new you.

A new year doesn’t necessarily have to mean a whole new you, but it should mean new experiences, new goals, and possibly (certainly) new lovers. That’s not to say that everyone’s primary focus in the new year should be finding romance, but it definitely shouldn’t mean hashing up old ones. A sense of pride, self-respect, and a little bit of optimism is all anyone really needs to start off the year on a clean slate, so don’t blow it all on someone who isn’t worth thinking about.

4. Unfulfilling reply.

When sending one of those risky texts you know you probably shouldn’t be sending anyway, there’s only one of three ways that it could turn out. They might send an uncomfortably nice reply that oversteps whatever boundaries you guys might have established since things ended, but boundaries seem to be out the window at this point.

Option two, they reply with an extremely dry and passive aggressive “Thanks, you too,” which just proves that fact that they should be left in the past where they belong. Or three, they hit you with the classic “Read: 12:03 a.m.”, which might be the worst one of them all. Don’t waste your time trying to find some sense of "closure" and go kiss someone new at midnight.

5. Regret hangover.

You’ll wake up at 1 p.m. in your outfit from the night before, a migraine that feels like you have cement in your brain, and 47 messages in your group chat from all your friends wishing one another a Happy New Year. You’ll start to scroll through all the gibberish you typed up and sent to people who replied with equally unreadable gibberish and laugh to yourself. That’s until you stumble upon a conversation with your ex, realize you screwed up massively, and have no recollection of any of it either. Your horrendous hangover from alcohol is now coupled with an immense regret hangover, where you wish you had handed your phone to a responsible friend rather than initiate a completely unnecessary conversation.

6. They. Are. Not. Worth. It.

You may have broken up months ago or perhaps even two days ago, but the bottom line is that right now, you are not together. The ball is about to drop, a new year is about to begin, and unfortunately (or fortunately) they didn’t make the cut this year and that’s OK. Don’t use New Year's as an excuse to start a new cycle of an on-again/off-again relationship and backtrack on any progress you’ve made towards moving on. Sending a text will only prove that you still think about them, and unintentionally boost their ego. They’re your ex for a reason, and it’s probably because they pretty much suck. Text your mom, text your best friend, honestly even text that one person you’ve always had a crush on but never told them, but please… just don’t text your ex.

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