6 Reasons Why Moving Out Of Your Parent’s House Is Both The Best And Worst Thing Ever
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6 Reasons Why Moving Out Of Your Parent’s House Is Both The Best And Worst Thing Ever

6 Reasons Why Moving Out Of Your Parent’s House Is Both The Best And Worst Thing Ever

That day comes for all of us: the day we move away from home.

It's the first time in your entire life when you are completely alone and dependent on yourself. This may seem like an exciting new thing, but it quickly becomes clear that it can be quite a difficult task. Maybe you’re going to college, you started a new job in a new town, or you're moving just because you turned 18. No matter what, being alone for the first time in your life is an adventure.

Moving into your own house means a lot of new experiences. So here is a list that I came up with of the six best and worst things that come along with moving out of your parent’s house.

1. Full and complete freedom; you are your own boss!

Best - This means you can do anything you want, literally anything!

Worst - This also means there’s no parents available to keep you on track, cook you dinner, give you $20 for gas, and so forth, and so on.

2. A job.

Best - MONEY. And, well, did I mention the MONEY?

Worst – Well, it is work, so that isn’t the greatest thing ever. It takes up all of your time and somehow manages to tire you out every single day.

3. Paying for things on your own.

Best - You get to feel like a responsible adult. You finally feel as though you are in charge of your life and a part of the working society.

Worst - Well, let me just tell you that my rent is $550 to share a room, and last month alone my water bill was $120.

4. New friends.

Best – It is a new town and you are surrounded by lots of new people; you are bound to make many new long-lasting relationships.

Worst - You lose sight of your hometown friends, and those relationships seem hard to keep.

5. Exploration and adventure!

Best – There are finally no parents or anyone telling you what to do, and you’re allowed to do things which you enjoy and which make you happy.

Worst – Well, I couldn’t actually think of a downside to this, because we live in such an exciting time, and I believe everyone should explore this beautiful world we live in.

6. Finding yourself.

Best - Being vulnerable and on your own makes you examine who you are as person. You discover your hobbies, who you enjoy spending your time with, and what is important to you.

Worst – Being alone can be scary and tough at times, especially when trying to balance it with starting a new school or career. Sometimes, trying to figure out who you are is an exhausting task.

Although I was faced with many challenges this summer, in the end, I am glad I spent the summer before my sophomore year of college alone. I was able to learn about this new town I call home as well as myself, but more importantly, this experience taught me how to properly prepare for the future.

I hope this challenges you in some way to go out and be on your own, because at the end of my summer, I realized that although it can be frightening and uncertain, the positives outweigh the negatives. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. I feel grateful for the experience and for all the lessons I learned in such a short time. Cheers to ending my freshman year of college on such great terms.

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